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”Harry Potter”-star coming to Norway on Friday

Rupert Grint Press: ”Harry Potter”-star coming to Norway on Friday
The one and only Ron Weasley, aka Rupert Grint, is coming to Norway to begin his latest Norwegian film project.

“Comrade” is the name of the film directed by Petter Næss (“Elling,” “Gone with the Woman”). It is about English and German pilots who shoot at each other to the ground during World War Two and have to struggle to survive the Norwegian winter.

Since 2001, Rupert Grint has grown up on the set of the “Harry Potter” movies. He is playing one of the lead characters in the Norwegian film, in the role of Private Robin Southey Smith.

Incompatible Type of Person

The character is described as a “wise guy” from the streets of Liverpool who on the outside seem like an incompatible type of person – thus, someone quite different than what film fans usually know him as in “Harry Potter.”

Grint is coming to the Armed Forces aircraft collection at Gardermoen. Grint is also currently the lead in the role of the ski jumper Eddie the Eagle about his life, however he will be coming to Norway to work with Petter Næss before that.

– There are a lot of talented young actors but Rupert Grint is very right for the part. I can say this much, he will be playing a young, rebellious and redheaded rebel, he said to VG Nett a couple of weeks ago when it became known that Grint was getting the role.

Then there is all the other important roles in the movie, German Florian Lukas (“Goodbye Lenin”) and David Kross (“The Reader”), British Lachlan Nieboer (from the TV-series “Torchwood”), and Norwegian Stig Henrik Hoff who will be playing the German navigator Karl-Heinz Strunk in the movie.

Original article found here: VG Nett | March 22nd, 2011 | Translation by: Malene

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