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”Harry Potter” star had a laughing fit from Norwegian food.

“Harry Potter” actor Rupert Grint (23) was thrown into some real challenges when he filmed a Norwegian film with Stig Henrik Hoff (46) on Bjorli.

The two spent a lot of time together earlier this year when filming “Into the White” by director Petter Næss.

We ate moss soup, real moss soup, over and over. It didn’t taste particularly good, Rupert Grint is used to a lot of different things, and me as well since I’m a trained chef out of Bagatelle! We had to do the take many times while we were shuffling food off the plate and he started to laugh so much, Stig Henrik Hoff says about the filming of a scene which included the unique Norwegian dish.

The film is about the drama that took place in the Norwegian mountains north of Gudbrandsdalen during the war when German and British soldiers shot each other down and were forced to survive together in the same cabin. And the victims would then have to resort to what nature had to offer in order to get nourishment.

Director Næss made a scoop when he secured the world famous Potter-star. And Hoff got along with his English colleague immediately.

He’s and all-around gentleman. Charming, funny and a f****** good actor!
Always bloody well prepared, the script just spurts right out of him. Had he been a sour movie star with diva-like qualities it would have been absolutely awful, but he certainly wasn’t anything like that, Hoff says.

He got to experience a taste of the fan frenzy surrounding the “Harry Potter” star. Outside the studio, where they filmed in Sweden, there were hundreds of hopeful fans at all times, who wanted a little bit of Rupert Grint.

But Rupert always keeps calm and takes his time with the fans.

Hoff plays the German navigator Wolfgang Strunk in the film.


He is a man of few words and Hoff speaks German in the film, a language he had only a limited knowledge of from before.

I only knew “dirty-German” from the 8th grade, I sat in the back row and talked dirty to the ladies, chuckles Hoff who had great consultant help to make the German stick.

Besides Grint and Hoff, the film has German Florian Lukas and David Kross and British Lachlan Nieboer on the cast list.

Hoff belives that director Petter Næss is the main reason that the filming went smoothly with an international cast.

He’s an amazing director, he stops and listens when it’s needed and makes clear decisions. He’s an actor himself and he knows exactly what he wants.

Original article found here: November 30, 2011

Translated by Malene

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