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”Harry Potter”star in Norway – It is going to be tough

Rupert Grint Press: ”Harry Potter”star in Norway – It is going to be tough

In the coming weeks, “Harry Potter” star Rupert Grint (22) is going to play a part in “Comrade” in the Norwegian mountains, trapped in a remote cabin with four other men.”

– The weather can get extreme. I hope I get to practice my skiing, I might need that before my role as “Eddie the Eagle,” Grint says with a smile to VG Nett.

Later this year he is playing the part of the reckless English ski jumper. But now Grint has packed his bags for a genuine trip into the Norwegian mountains and the role as a rebellious British soldier.

Today he was at Gardermoen, together with director Petter Næss and the other actors, to talk about “Comrade” which is based on actual events from the Second World War.

On April 27 1940 a German airplane was shot down by a British airplane on Grotli in Skjåk. The British men had to do an emergency landing as well, and the soldiers from both nations sought shelter in the same cabin.

All exterior scenes will be shot on Grotli where the drama took place.

– Is it going to be liberating to be an anonymous young man cut off from everything that goes along with stardom?

– Even though I get recognized now and again, it is actually quite easy to handle. But I look forward to hard work and hard weather. It will be nice to stretch my wings a bit, says Grint.

The film is about five men who struggle to survive in the brutal Norwegian winter. And who become friends even though they are enemies in principle.

– I chose this project because I love the script. It is a fresh story where I get to show new sides of myself. Hopefully I will get to know some new people as well, says the young man better known as Ron Weasley.

Among the other people on the team is Stig Henrik Hoff, “Goodbye Lenin” actor Florian Lukas and David Kross from “The Reader.”

Original article found here: VG Nett | March 25th, 2011 | Translation by Malene

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