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”Potter”-star in Norwegian movie

Rupert Grint Press: ”Potter”-star in Norwegian movie
Næss: – He is very right for the role

Director Petter Næss (50) has secured Rupert Grint for his anti-war movie “Comrade.”

British Rupert Grint is known around the world as Harry Potter’s best friend Ron Weasley on the big screen. Now the 22-year old is going to be one of the main attractions of Petter Næss’ new movie.

– We met him in London and this was something that he wanted to be a part of in addition to the many other projects he is doing. Grint thinks this is an interesting project, says Petter Næss to VG Nett.

Is going to play a rebel

What does it mean to have him a part of this movie?

– There are a lot of talented young actors out there but Rupert Grint is very right for the part. I can say this much, he is going to play a young, rebellious and red haired rebel.

Grint and the rest of the cast are coming to Norway in the nearest future.

– The production will begin March 28th says Næss.

Anti-war message

“Comrade” is played out in the Norwegian wilderness. The English and the German fight and end up shooting each other. The only way they can survive the tough Norwegian winter is to work together.

Grint is not the only known name on the cast list. Florian Lukas from “Goodbye Lenin” and David Cross from “The Reader.” Norwegian actor Stif Henrik Hoff also plays an important part.

An endorsement in the size of millions
It was also announced today that the movie is getting two million kroner from the Europe council foundation for co-production of film, Eurimages. The reason for this is that Næss has international influence, and that the anti-war message is appealing. The use of Norwegian nature also played a part in convincing Eurimages.

Original article found here: VG Nett | March 10th, 2011 | Translation by: Malene

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