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”Ron” filming in Trollhättan

Rupert Grint Press: ”Ron” filming in Trollhättan

Rupert Grint, most famous as Harry Potter’s best friend Ron, is coming to Trollhättan this week to film the movie Comrade.

It is the Norwegian director Petter Naess, best known for the film Elling, who is bringing five young European actors to Trollhättan to film the movie Comrade which is based on real events.

Besides the British actor Rupert Grint, David Kross (who was the male lead in The Reader), Florian Lukas (from Good bye Lenin), Stig Henrik Hoff and Lachlan Nieboer play the five young pilots who survive a dramatic emergency landing during the Second World War.

The film starts shooting on Wednesday and it is a co-production between Danish, Swedish and German Zentropa as well as Film in the West.

Original article found here: | April 27, 2011| Translation by: Malene

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