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20 Questions with Emma Watson and Rupert Grint

By Elizabeth Landers

A far-reaching red carpet, a gaggle of multilingual paparazzi screaming “Emma, Rupert, over here,” a safe haven inside a luxury train. This is the scene that unfolded in front of Parisian press members for the premiere of the fifth Harry Potter film, “The Order of the Phoenix.”

That morning, hundreds of movie critics, journalists and the well-connected crossed paths on the famous Champs-Elysees for the pre-screening of the newest installment in the film saga.


An internship at the French children’s publisher Play Bac Presse allowed me to joined the ranks of the selected few who enjoyed the latest Harry Potter film.

Each time a new Harry Potter film is released, critics produce a resounding, “This is the best one yet.” Well, expect to hear that again. After a riveting two hours and 17 minutes, I was sad to see the microcosmic sets, cutting-edge computer graphics and emotional performances replaced with black-and-white credits.

Die-hard fans, the kind that expect an acceptance letter in the mail someday from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, will be quite satisfied, just as the audience members on the Champs-Elysees were.

After returning back to Play Bac headquarters, the editor, two other French kids and I discussed the film and our upcoming assignment: an interview with the actors Emma Watson and Rupert Grint. We spoke a mixture of French and English as we scribbled down about two dozen questions ranging from the specifics of filming to the teenagers’ personal lives.

Paris has recently had a cloud of notoriety surrounding its weather activity, and it lived up to expectations. After five minutes in a deluge, all four of us were soaked by the time we found a cab that would take us to the destination of our interview, the Gare de Bercy. We clutched our question sheets tightly and arrived soaking wet on a glamorous red carpet in an old-fashioned train station.

As soon as their limousine deposited them, Emma and Rupert posed to a rising cacophony of “Smile for me,” yelled by the paparazzi. Our interview commenced only 10 minutes later as Emma and Rupert walked into the interview train car impeccably yet age-appropriately dressed.

Rupert, the less chatty of the two, was actually the first to answer my question about how he prepares for the movies. “Yeah, I re-read the books to refresh my memory.” Emma also added, “For this film David (the director) wanted the fight scenes to be really amazing between Dumbledore’s Army and the Deatheaters, so he brought in a choreographer who taught us specific movements for each of the spells.”

She and Rupert were obviously very comfortable around each other, and they fed off of each others’ responses as they talked like best friends. When asked about what she would do when Harry Potter ends, Emma responded, “I guess it’s easier for you two (Rupert Grint and Daniel Radcliff) because I am the only one who hasn’t really done anything besides Harry Potter.”

She added that she would like to sing, but she’s not sure if she is “talented enough.” One of our tougher questions came at the end: How will you feel if your character dies in the final book? “I wouldn’t really care. I mean, it is the last book,” said Rupert.

Emma said she could go either way, “As an actress, it would be cool to have my character die, so then I could have a death scene. But I also had high hopes for Hermione. I thought she was going to get married to Ron, have babies and have some career where she was using her intelligence to help the House Elves.”

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