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21 countries have secured ”Into the White”

Petter Næss’ war film is selling well two months before the Norwegian premiere.

Among those having secured Petter Næss’ war film are the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, New Zealand and Thailand as well as several European countries.

– We expect to sell it to even more countries during the Film Festival in Berlin, says the film’s producer, Danish Peter Aalbæk Jensen, from Zentropa.

“Into the White” is inspired by a true story: A British and a German plane shoot each other down over the Norwegian mountains in April 1940. The survivors seek shelter in the same cabin and have to work together to survive.

– There is a lot of absurdity and humor. It is actually an universal story about enemies that meet. When they get to know each other, the similarities start to show themselves, Næss said to NTB when the films coming out in spring was introduced. He hopes the film will surprise:

– It starts as a war film and becomes a drama about humanity. As opposed to a film like “Max Manus”, the themes aren’t specifically related to the time it represents; this is happening anywhere to this day.

On the cast list he has actors like Rupert Grint (the “Harry Potter” film series), Lachlan Nieboer (“Torchwood”), Florian Lukas (“Good Bye Lenin!”, “North Face”), David Kross (“The Reader”) – and Stig Henrik Hoff who is playing a German petty officer.

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