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Abigail Breslin Makes Plans For ‘New Year’s Eve’: We Make Our Casting Wishlist

While most of us are spending this week in a sugar-induced fugue state, licking the discarded wrappers from the last of our Halloween candy and wondering whether we’ll ever fit into our pants again, Hollywood is already looking ahead to the holidays. Next New Year’s Eve, to be exact. Today brought news from Variety that “New Year’s Eve,” the ensemble cast rom-com followup to last year’s “Valentine’s Day,” is picking up speed, with an announcement that Abigail Breslin is in talks to join the cast. Like its predecessor, the movie will follow a host of big-name actors through a web of interconnected plotlines—this time in the hours leading up to midnight.

And considering what New York City—where this film will be set—is like on New Year’s Eve, we’re thinking that Abigail’s prior experience battling the undead hordes in “Zombieland” should come in handy.

Abigail is the second actor to mull a role in the project (after Lea Michele), and we can expect to be hit with a slew of these announcements in the coming months as they round out the giant ensemble cast. But while we’ll be happy with anyone that director Garry Marshall picks, there are five stars we’d especially love to see on board. Who are they? Check it!

1. Taylor Swift
Taylor made an appearance in the first film with then-beau Taylor Lautner, and she was so adorable on-screen that we’d love to see her come back (opposite a new love interest, obvi!).

2. Rupert Grint
Over the past decade, we’ve watched the cute British gingerkid grow into a regulation hottie with great cinematic charisma. Isn’t it about time he snogged an American Muggle or two?

3. Emily Browning
Cute Aussie Emily has had a rough time of it in her past few films—from battling dream assassins in the upcoming “Sucker Punch” to being stalked by ghosts in “The Uninvited.” We recommend a little R&R in the form of an untaxing, flirty rom-com role!

4. Ryan Reynolds
Ryan and Abigail have appeared in the same movie once already, playing a father-daughter pair in “Definitely, Maybe.” And while we’re not saying that it should happen again…well, okay, yes we are. It was adorable. Bring on Daddy Ryan.

5. Zac Efron
Zac is slowly but surely adding more mature roles to his resume, and we’d love to see him (and his abs!) play a love-sick suitor in search of a New Year’s Eve kiss (even if we won’t be on the receiving end).

Original article found here: Hollywood Crush MTV | November 2nd, 2010

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