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All Stars 2005

About each other:
Tom: “I communicate with Ron (??) less than with Dan. But I can to say that he’s cheery guy!”
Dan: “Ron (???) and Tom are my good friends. To say the truth I meet them not often out of set. I need to study at school, you know. It’s a pity because they’re great guys!”

Rupert: “We all met while shooting the first film and deal well since then. Unfortunately we are living a great distance away from each other, or I’d get together with them even every day. It is good that there are e-mail and chats.”

About school: Rupert: “I don’t like to go to school and to do homework, really. It’s not surprise that teachers ain’t pleased with me. They don’t indulge me just because I’m acting in the films about Harry Potter. I remember, when I had returned at school after filming POA, I was kept after school because didn’t my homework.”

About career in the cinema:”I dreamed about playing Ron since I read the book, so I came for auditions. I can’t say that my life has changed after I became an actor. The only thing that has changed – I’m recognized constantly on the street, but in other respects I have the same life. So I enjoy being an actor and I’m not going to drop it!”.

About girls: “Well, I don’t know really+ I’d better refrain from comments. I’ll say only that I like girls with the sense of humor. And not importunate girls.”

About Emma Watson: “Emma is a great girl. But I don’t want to play with her in the love scene. I don’t think that Ron and Hermione are a good couple.”

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Translations by Maru

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