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All Stars December 2004

What did you feel seeing yourself on the big screen for the first time?
Rupert: “It was a strange feeling! It scared me a little+ But then I sort of got accustomed to it, so now it’s even cool.”

What it’s like to work with Alfonso Cuaron and Mike Newell after Chris Columbus?
Rupert:”We were taken aback actually when we found out that there’ll be a new director in the POA. We had got accustomed to Chris, made friends with him+ But Alfonso turned out so cheeky, that we had a good time on the set. It’s also interesting to work with Mike.”

In the POA your characters changed school uniform with jeans. Did you feel relief taking off uniform?
Rupert: “It’s all right for you, but Ron has to wear these awful stretched sweaters. So then on the filming I hadn’t got a chance to wear normal clothes.”

If you could have an influence on the destiny of your characters, what would you invent for them?
Rupert: “I’d like Ron going across to the evil. It’d be cool: I want badly to play the negative character.”

Was there something that you didn’t like on the filming of POA?
Rupert: “I didn’t like my rat. When we were in Scotland she tinkled on me.”

What does it mean for you to grow up?
Rupert:”My voice has become deeper. And the height, on the contrary, has become higher. For now it’s all what I can say about growing up.”

Scans available here: RGus-gallery | December 2004
Translations by Maru

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