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Kissing stories

Rupert Grint : Each movie is a bit different. Ron is more confident in this one. He plays Quiditch, he has a girlfriend…some new cool stuff. (….) We shooted our scenes with Jessie Cave (Lavander Brown) a few weeks ago in particular the kissing scene. Without rehearsals in fact : We just did it (or we just dashed). It was a bit intimidating because it was before the Quiditch match and so it was in front of a lot of people. It was embarassing at first, we were the both nervous but we just went for it and everything was fine… The couple Ron/Hermione, I was expecting that a bit reading the 7th book. But it’s true that when we have to face that scene it will be strange to shoot it. We have a brotherhood relationship on the set, so it gonna be bizarre. But we gonna do it. Don’t worry! ( laugh)

Original Article Found Here: I July 31st, 2008

Translated by Anna

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