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Another Potter star gets naked

Steamy new sex scene for our Ron Weasley has been filmed for his new movie hitting theaters January 2009.

Looking to move on from Harry Potter, British actor Rupert Grint (best known for playing Ron Weasley) has stepped into a very challenging role in new indie film “Cherry Bomb”.

Having filmed a sex scene with fellow co-star Kimberley Nixon, actor Rupert Grint is expected to shock audiences with his new role.

Talking to BBC Newsline, Rupert explained why he took the part, ” I really loved the script and having done Harry Potter, I wanted to do something different. It was quite a challenge.” He went on to admit that there weren’t many winners in the storyline concerning the love triangle between the three main characters Malachy (Grint), his best friend Luke (Robert Sheehan) and the new girl Michelle (Kimberley Nixon), who is described as being quite disturbed as she ensnares both boys into doing terrible things for her. Tragedy looms and we have to wait a few more months before the film is released so we can find out which boy survives as a death scene was also filmed.

It’s being shot entirely in Belfast and Rupert has been seen partying with close pals, including co-star Kimberley Nixon who Grint shares an on-screen romance with.

Rupert has wrapped filming “Cherry Bomb” which was written by award-winning screenwriter Daragh Caville and it is expected to hit cinemas early next year. Now that “Half-Blood Prince” has been delayed until July 2009, Potter fans will get to see a lot more of Daniel Radcliffe (Equus) and Rupert Grint in their respective projects that both happen to involve very little clothes.

On another note, Rupert celebrates his 20th birthday next week on August 24th

By Jen Joli

Original article can be found here at PR-inside I August 20, 2008

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