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Best Assignment Ever

Written by Angela Montefinise

New York Post Interview/ Goblet of Fire

In November 2005, I had the privilege of covering the US premiere of Harry Potter and the Goblet Of Fire at the Ziegfeld in Manhattan. I was lucky enough to be on the red carpet, where I got to interview a bunch of the stars, including Dan, Rupert, Emma, Ralph Fiennes, the Phelps brothers, Katie Lueng, and so on.

For the record, I especially enjoyed interviewing Jason Isaccs (yowza). I informed him that some female fans (like, um, ME) fondly call his character Luscious Malfoy. He got a chuckle out that. But it’s true – he is definitely fanciable. “Now now, Draco. Play nice.” Ohhhh yeah.

Anyway, even though I was working for the Post, I couldn’t resist bringing my own camera along to grab some pictures. Unfortunately, I used a terrible disposable, so the pictures aren’t the best. In fact, they’re awful. But I still cherish them and thought you guys might like to see them. So enjoy the grainy, blurry photos!

You know, while I’m reminiscing about the best assignment I’ve ever had, I HAVE to tell a quick story about fans looking out for fans.

Before I took my position on the red carpet, I interviewed a whole bunch of people standing on the street waiting for the stars to arrive. One group of girls had been there since 5 am waiting specifically for Rupert Grint. They got a spot right in the front and were absolutely crazy about him.

After talking (and bonding) with them, I headed off to get my spot on the red carpet and noticed that those same girls happened to be standing directly across the street from me.

So when it was my turn to interview Rupert, I asked him a few questions, then decided to do something much more fun. I pointed out the group of girls and explained that they had been there since 5 am to see him. He grinned, turned around and waved, prompting them to scream their heads off and nearly faint. He turned back around looking kind of embarrassed and said, “Wow, it’s quite a hard thing to get your head around.” I’ll never forget it. We Potter fans have to take care of each other, right?

(Correction: On that note, one Potter fan took good care of me and pointed out a mistake in this post that I already corrected. I originally wrote I interviewed the “Oliver brothers.” Obviously, it’s the Phelps brothers. I originally wrote their full names and must have deleted the wrong thing. Sorry folks. And thanks to Crogers!!!!)

Original article found at New York Post I February 28, 2007

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