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Blew up warplane during film shoot on Strynefjellet

The war film “Comrade” is these days being filmed in Stryn, and Saturday a warplane was blown up during filming.

Stryn has been taken 70 years back in time this week – all because of a film shoot. The film “Comrade” re-creates an incident from the days of the war where English and German pilots ended up becoming friends.

And one of the main roles in the film is played by none other than Harry Potter star Rupert Grint. He is playing an English soldier in the major Norwegian project.

A replica of a German warplane was set on fire Saturday in the spectacular scene in the middle of Strynefjellet.
The fire was extinguished as soon as the scene was finished because the airplane builders from Lom were hoping that some of the Heinkel-model will be able to be displayed at Grotli afterwards.

– I was offered a role
Asbjørn Lote from Førde was on Strynefjellet to watch the filming. But he got an offer to play a part because they were in shortage of an extra.

– It was great to be involved. I was actually just here as a tourist to watch. But when they asked me if I wanted to be a part of it, I said yes of course. So now I get my name on the credits, Lote says to

– It was nice when the actors came up and greeted me. I felt a little like one of their colleagues, Lote says.

Grint: – I liked the script
In 1940 a German and two English planes ended up in combat. The damage meant that both the German and one English plane had to make an emergency landing on Grotli.

When the soldiers sought shelter in the same cabin they put their weapons down and worked together to survive. A lot of people showed up to see Rupert Grint who is best known for being Harry Potter’s best friend. The film star never doubted whether he would join the film.

– I liked the script. It is kind of an unusual war story, Grint says to NRK.

Tough days of filming in the mountains

A large part of filming has taken place in Hjelle in Oppstryn. The hotel has been transformed into a grocery store, the road laid with gravel and the locals have been turned into German and Norwegian soldiers.

– It is nice to experience a film shoot at close range. You don’t think about what is needed to make a film when you sit in the cinema or in front of the TV at home in the living room, Gunnar Harstad, an extra, says.

The actors have experienced some rough days of filming on Strynefjellet.

– I wasn’t prepared for how extreme it is when the weather is that bad. It was challenging to play the role in that kind of weather. I’m glad it’s over, Grint says.

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