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Carrie Fletcher and Rupert Grint win big at the WhatsOnStage Awards in London – PICS

Last night, all the fancy drama lot from the West End headed over to the WhatsOnStageAwards for a bit of a swanky schmooze, to celebrate the creme de la creme of the acting world who tread the boards.

Amongst ‘em were the lovely Carrie Fletcher and everyone’s favourite ginge Rupert Grint, who proved that they’re definitely NOT just Tom’s little sister and that one who was Ron Weasley, as they scooped themselves some major prizes during the night for their incredible performances. AWOO.

First up, Carrie was looking incredible in a super shiny black and silver frock, which she styled with a floaty black shawl, awesome brown boots and of course those amazing signature curls of hers.

Proving that no one can belt out On My Own quite like Carrie Fletch, she bagged almost 40% of the vote in the award for Best Takeover in a Role for her performance as Eponine in Les Miserables, and took to Twitter to spill how chuffed she was to win.

Carrie wrote: “It’s enough of a dream come true to be playing Eponine every night but to win an award for it is just out of this world. Thank you so much!” Nice one lady.


Suited and booted for the occasion was Rupert Grint, who was looking rather dapper in his black velvet jacket and opened buttoned shirt. Oh you suave, mister. Rupert also won big for his onstage antics, scooping Newcomer of the Year for his portrayal of a 1950s drug dealer in Mojo. FANCY.

Wahey, we might have a celebratory piece of cake seeing as Carrie and Rupert did so well last night. Glad to hear they both bagged awards? Chuck us a comment in the box below.

Original article found | FEBRUARY, 24th 2014

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