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Cool Magazine 2005



Translator’s note: Usually this magazine says only rubbish and I don’t think this is an
exception. This article is about trio’s love life. At least it’s funny to read.

“Too often young star (Watson) appears with her colleague Rupert Grint. Sometimes they stay alone in her trailer.

Rupert Grint, idol of the japanese schoolgirls (they write most of all love letters to actor and send origami), absolutely denies romantic relationship with Emma Watson. But he does it too inertly to believe in it. “We know each other for many years, – talks confidentially the actor.- We be-came great friends for 5 years, but nothing more than that.

We know each other too well.” But friends of the red-haired guy say other things. “I saw him kissing Emma, – admits one of Rupert’s acquaintance. – It was so cool. I’m very glad for Rupert, but he should be a little more confident.”

Next summer Emma, Radcliffe and Grint are planning to go to have a rest on Canary Islands for a couple of weeks or somewhere else where there are warmer and tonnes of white sand. As true friends, of course.”

Scan available in our gallery here: RGus Gallery| November 2005

Translation by Maru

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