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Decision due on Rupert’s delayed website

By Tim Masters
CBBC Newsround

Fans of Rupert Grint look set for a lengthy wait before the Harry Potter star’s official website goes live.

At the moment, visitors to are told that the Ron Weasley actor’s site is “coming soon”.

But Rupert’s dad Nigel has told Newsround that a final decision on whether to go ahead with the website will be made over the next few weeks.

“At the moment we don’t know where to go with it,” Nigel said.

“We’re aware that the fans are waiting for something to happen – but we don’t want to have the same old stuff you can get elsewhere.

“We want to make it a bit of fun – and a bit silly.”

Azkaban preparations

The idea for Rupert’s official site first came up about a year ago – after the release of the first Potter film.

Rupert’s dad said he was keen to have Rupert’s “actual involvement” on the website.

That could include:

  • a message board with Rupert posting
  • a film diary of Prisoner of Azkaban

Rupert’s already back at Leavesden Studios in Hertfordshire doing some “pre-production” stuff for Azkaban.

Filming gets going in mid-February.

Return of permlessboy

But there’s good news for those of you waiting for Rupert to return to the Newsround message boards.

“Yes – he will come back on one day, I’ll have a word with him!” said his dad.

Original article found here: CBBC Newsround | February 3rd, 2003

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