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Driving Lessons German Interview with Rupert Grint

Driving Lessons German Interview with Rupert Grint taken from the German Driving-Lessons. DVD.

Transcribed by Karo

The DVD doesn’t have the interview with Julie and Rupert from the UK DVD  but, like the US has the Making-of and the Outtakes. And an interview with Rupert, where you see nothing but his head and shoulders (and his hand when he moves it around) for 15 minutes and 20 seconds (yes, you may be jealous, cause it’s really cute and very interesting).

It seems as if the interview was meant to be cut in a similar way to the one on the CoS-DVD (printed question and then the answer), but apparently they left it just as they recorded it, which makes it very interesting to see (and hear) Ruperts reaction to the “guy off-camera” (I’m not sure if it’s Jeremy Brock, but Rupert reacts differently to him than he did during the promotion for Driving Lessons).

I included one pic, it’s from when he ruffles his fringe (see below, I mentioned it in the text). That frame is what you see the entire time of the interview.


Interview mit Rupert Grint

(several people talking in the background, Rupert sits down in front of the camera)
Interviewer: Rupert, you’ve come on a tremendous journey in this film, haven’t you? Tell me, how did it feel when this part came along and you got sent the script.
Rupert: ehm… oh god, seems like a long time ago now, ehm… yeah, well, I’ve loved the script when I first read it and it was just good to – like – do a different character, cause – like – all the – the Harry Potter stuff, that was quite heavy-going and for a really long time, so I’ve really enjoyed doing something a little different.
Interviewer: And also, it’s the first really grown-up role that you’ve had isn’t it?
Rupert: Yeah, it is, yeah. Ehm… It’s, yeah… it’s a lot more… eh… grown-up, yeah. Oah [a sound somewhere between “a” and “o”], some of the things I get to do like s – there’s quite a lot of swearing, which is something I’m just getting used to do and which is… which is… that was pretty cool, actually, and… eh… yeah.
Interviewer: What are the aspects of this part that has sort been new ground for you?
Rupert: Ehm… the – eh… the Bryony scene, when I go back to her place, that… ehm… that was weird, that was something I was really sort of – ehm… , something I’ve never, I’d never, I’ve never done anything like that – like – on screen. So that was quite – I found that quite uncomfortable at first, yeah, so, yeah, that was quite weird.
Interviewer: [unrecognisable]
Rupert: Yeah, it was, yeah, it was quite.
Interviewer: Ehm, what was it about Ben that – that spoke to you, that really appealed?
Rupert: Ehm… I don’t know, he’s just like… he’s quite… he’s a bit of a geek, really, and a bit of a loner. It’s just sort of – I really sort of – I liked him, he’s quite, he’s always , he’s obviously quite shy and it’s just something nice to do something so different from – like- Ron. So that was – that’s what I liked about him, really.
Interviewer: Tell me a bit about Ben’s home situation. Sort of set up the character for us, would you?
Rupert: Well, ehm, he’s the son of a vicar…
Guy off-camera: [unrecognisable] say Ben [unrecognisable because Rupert answers over his voice]
Rupert: Oh, yeah, right, sorry.
Guy off-camera: That’d be good.
Rupert: Yeah, well, ehm… Ben, ehm, he’s the vicar’s son and, eh, and his mum’s a bit of a – Ben’s mum [giggles] is – is, eh, she’s very sort of – like – controlling and really sort of keeps him sort of on a leash, basically. Ehm… I don’t think he has many sort of friends, except for Evie obviously, who he – eh – befriends later on, but, ehm, yeah, he’s got quite a difficult home-life cause his parents don’t really get on, ehm, they’ve got quite a few arguments at the dinner table which were quite fun to film, and, eh, that’s basically it and he’s just basically, ehm, yeah.
Interviewer: So, how is it that his life changes so dramatically?
Rupert: Ehm, well, I suppose, when he met Evie, ehm, that’s the sort of like sort of turning-point in his life when he started to just to sort of rebel, basically, ehm, yeah, so, it really sort of did him good, really, so…
Interviewer: What is she like, then? I mean, how does Ben see her?
Rupert: Ehm, I’m not rea… well, at first, when, eh, when Ben first met her, eh, for the…
Guy off-camera: Can you say “Ben” first [unrecognisable]
Rupert: Sure, yeah… ehm… yeah, when Ben first met [giggles]… when Ben first met Evie, ehm, he was a bit unsure, because she was a bit crazy, obviously, and the first meeting of Ben was really good fun to film actually, cause she’s like, she’s cutting a hedge and she’s swearing and this is all new to Ben cause he doesn’t really hear the sort of language at home, so, yeah, at first he was a bit [mumble] unsure, but, ehm, and she gets him into all sort of like trouble with the camping trip [giggles] and she gets him to drive everywhere and he’s only a learner driver, so he doesn’t take that very easily and, eh, yeah, but, as he goes on, they become really good sort of friends and, eh, yeah, that’s basically.
Interviewer: And does she open his eyes to the world, I mean [Rupert nods], is that her gift to him, really, do you think?
Rupert: Definitely, yeah. She does, yeah. [grins] Evie does.
Interviewer: And what does she do? Tell us…
Rupert: Yeah,… ehm… I, well, she gives him a bit of freedom, I suppose, cause he’s, eh, I suppose, he has to look after her, basically, eh, and like, the whole camping trip, ehm, that was like a really big step for Ben cause he’s away from home and, eh, just with this scary old woman [grins], and, eh, that was quite a big step for him [rubs his nose], yeah, and,yeah, she’s just sort of the, yeah, yeah
Interviewer: And of course, you know the actress who plays Evie really well, don’t you? Tell us about your various experiences with that actress who plays her.
Rupert: Yeah, ehm, Julie’s great, yeah, I really get on with her cause she was, ehm, she played my mother in, eh, in the Harry Potter films and, eh, [giggle] yeah, I, we, she’s really funny and really sort of good to work with, so, eh, yeah, I had a good time with her, yeah.
Interviewer: Ehm, and what about Laura, who,… tell me something about working with Laura Linney
Rupert: Oh, yeah, Laura was great as well, yeah, I had, yeah [giggle], ehm, I had to, I was always laughing when I came to her scenes, I had this real giggling problem and, eh [giggle], it seemed to be like, in all of her scenes I started laughing, so that was a bit of a problem, but she’s really, really,… I’ve really gotten on with her as well, she’s really nice.
Interviewer: She has been very complimentary saying things about you
Rupert: Oh, really [Rupert’s famous “I’m-really-embarrassed-right-now” giggle]. No, she was good, I liked her.
Interviewer: Now, how have you found working with Jeremy?
Rupert: Ehm, yeah, oh, ehm, Jeremy’s great, yeah, [rubs his eye], ehm. It’s a lot different from the other directors from the Harry Potter films, ehm, but, just, I really get, he’s really sort of nice, really nice, down to earth, really easy to talk to, and he was just really good, yeah, I got on with him really well.
Interviewer: Does he give you good notes about the way you’re played?
Rupert: Yeah, definitely. Cause, cause he actually wrote – he knows everth – he knows it inside-out, so he could really give some really sort of useful information and he really did help, so that was good.
Guy off-camera: So could you say in what way do you think that Jeremy is a bit different from the other directors…
Rupert: Yeah, yeah, sure
Guy off-camera: …cause that would be good if you kind of say “Jeremy brought this…”
Rupert: Yeah, yeah,…
Guy off-camera: That would be good… [continues some mumbling, I guess talk to the camera man] Will you be okay? Right, Rupert…
Rupert: [seats himself slightly differently, ruffles his fringe, looks around] Ehm…
Interviewer: How is Jeremy different, you say different, from the other directors, would you like us…
Rupert: Jeremy’s different, ehm, from like the other directors, ehm, [giggle] cause [closes his eyes] … let me think… because he, ehm,… [laughs]
Guy off-camera: [starts to say something but stops when:]
Interviewer: Do you think it comes from the fact that Jeremy wrote the piece as well…
Rupert: Yeah,
Interviewer: … so he’s more, he’s completely in tune with the character and the story, isn’t he?
Rupert: Exactly, yeah, ehm…
Guy off-camera: He’s got a lot more time with the actors, would you say; do you think, that’s how you could say…
Rupert: Yeah…
Guy off-camera: I mean, it is horrible, you don’t want to just knock [? Or “mob”] the other directors [I’m not too sure if that’s correct, but it seems to be what the guy tries to say, but he’s not too good to hear]
Rupert: Yeah, they shouldn’t worry, yeah, exactly…
Guy off-camera: [laughs]
Interviewer: [not to hear] does it stand in the parameters which, I mean, must be very difficult for the Harry Potter lot because it’s JK Rowling
Guy off-camera: Yeah, they’ve gone on…
Rupert: Yeah,…
Guy off-camera: [unrecognisable] so yeah, could you maybe say it in that way, that’ll be – that’ll be good.
Rupert: Okay, yeah…
Guy off-camera: Well, then let’s just… we’re still rolling
Rupert: Yeah, working with Jeremy was different in the fact that he, cause it was his sort of, ehm, he actually wrote it, and so he’s like, he knows what he wants and he’s really sort of in tune with all the characters and what he wants to get from them, yeah, ehm, and as for the, cause it was like JK Rowling, Rowling sort of, she wrote everything and sort of like, just sort of like that and, yeah…
Interviewer: Plus the fact that you’ve realised that the character is really based on his own experiences.
Rupert: Yeah, yeah, definitely, so, yeah, I remember him telling me that Ben was sort of really based on when he was like sort of growing up and like being a teenager, so that was quite – quite nice.
Interviewer: How do you feel about that now, I mean you’ve kind of grown up with the Harry Potters and here you are sort of, just having left school, and do you see yourself acting along for your life’s career?
Rupert: Ehm, I hope so, yeah, cause I’ve such a good time filming and I really do enjoy it, so, that’s something I – I really want to continue doing, so, yeah, I think so.
Interviewer: And are you now, sort of thinking about the way you’d like your career to go and the sort of roles you’d like to play?
Rupert: Ehm, not really, I’ll just sort of take it as it comes, really, and, I’m gonna, eh, I’d like, I really do like these sort of little films, I did another one after the – the first Harry Potter film, I did “Thunderpants” and just, and just something in-between, just like, it’s just really good, the sort of, ehm, good to do I think. I’ve had such a good time doing this one, so I wanna sort of do more of these sort of films and comedy has made me, what I’m interested in at the moment, so, yeah.
Interviewer: When the Harry Potter movies really took off, and you just really became instantly recognisable [Rupert giggles] in the streets, how were you expecting it to be like that, how did you cope?
Rupert: Well, I knew the books, ehm, were popular, but I didn’t, I mean I didn’t imagine like how, how sort f big it would be. And it’s just a bit of – bit of a shock like when I sort of get recognised is really weird, really sort of hard to get used to and it’s a bit, I’m sort of, oh, it’s like with like, long ginger hair, it sort of stands out anyway, but, ehm, no, it’s strange, yeah, but quite – quite cool.
Interviewer: So it had happened quite a bit on this, hasn’t it…
Rupert: Yeah, there’s been a few, yeah, we’ve been, yeah, a few times, yeah, it is strange, it really is weird.
Interviewer: And you got to see quite a bit of the world with Harry Potter [inrecognisable]
Rupert: Oh, yeah, that’s been what I, that’s one of the things I really like about it, cause, oh, I’ve been to Jap – I went to Japan last year, that was ama – that was really cool, a really good sort of experience, that, and like, all over America and that, it’s just places that I’d never really go unl – if it wasn’t for the filming and that, so yeah, I’m really sort of [rubs his eye] thankful, grateful for that.
Interviewer: When you’re not acting, what sort of things do you do, enjoy doing…
Rupert: Ehm, well, I play a lot of golf now, I’ve got into golf, been playing for about two years, nay, it’s quite good just sort of in-between, only, on this one, I didn’t really cause it was a six-day week and I was knackered after every week so I didn’t really have much time but I tried to get golfing whenever I can, so, yeah, that’s what I’m into at the moment.
Interviewer: What do you say to someone who wanted to see Driving Lessons? What do they get out of them? [Not too sure if I heard that correctly]
Rupert: Ehm, not sure, ehm, ehm, I’d, probably not what they’d expect, cause, ehm, it’s a lot more about sort of his – Ben’s journey and the people he meets and, in obviously, sort of Evie and his family life and mainly about that, but there was quite a lot of driving in it, and ehm, so I’ve really liked that, I got to do a bit of the driving, that was something I really sort of, when I read the script, that was something I was really interested in cause, like, I’ll be driving next month, ehm, so, yeah, it was good practice.
Interviewer: You haven’t taken your test yet?
Rupert: Not yet, no. I’m seventeen in August, so I can’t wait [giggles]
Interviewer: What’re you gonna buy?
Rupert: Hmmm, I don’t know yet… I think I’v’ve got to get something sensible for my first year, so probably… I don’t know yet.
Guy off-camera: So can, can I start, can you, I start a question about the, eh, the salsa dancing and then say something, I’ve got some good stuff for that, ehm, something along the lines of, you know, something you had to do, but it was quite lucky you didn’t have to be any good at it either.
Rupert: Yeah…
Guy off-camera: Just give us a little lead until [mumbles]
Interviewer: Did you have to train for the – for the salsa dancing?
Rupert: One day, I did, cause, they didn’t wanna make me too good, because [laughs]
Guy off-camera: Please, we’re already on this
Rupert: Oh, ehm,
Guy off-camera: …say “There was a scene in which I’m salsa dancinb but on the…” [mumbles]
Rupert: Yeah, yeah,… ehm, now, there was, one of the scenes I was dreading slightly was the, where we, Bryony takes me to a salsa club and we have to do all this salsa dancing and, [shakes his head, giggling] I’m not really a dancing sort of person, and we had one day training and, eh, that was, it was quite a good experience really, cause I’ve never done anything like that before but, ehm, it was just lucky cause I wasn’t meant to be that good anyway, so it sort of worked quite well, now, it was really good fun.
Interviewer: Do you think you might take it up?
Rupert: I doubt, I doubt it, yeah. [giggles] Yeah, I dunno, it was good fun though, when we did it, it was re, just like crazy with the salsa band playing and there where like all these dancers everywhere, the room was filled with, like, these dancing people and that was good fun actually.
Interviewer: Right
Guy off-camera: That’s fine
Rupert: Cool
Interviewer: Lovely
Guy off-camera: [mumbles]
Rupert: Yeah, that’s fine


Original found on Driving Lessons German DVD 2006

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