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Eagle has landed for Harry Potter Star

1 November 2009
Eagle has landed for Harry Potter star Rupert Grint
Robert Kellaway

Harry Potter star Rupert Grint is set to play Olympic ski-jump buffoon Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards.

Rupert, 21 – Ron Weasley in the Potter films – was put up for the part after comic Steve Coogan pulled out.

The script for the Eagle biopic was commissioned 10 years ago but the movie is now in pre-production.

A spokeswoman for Rupert confirmed he had been sent the script.

She added: “It’s an exciting project but it’s very early days yet.”

Plasterer Eddie, of Stroud, Gloucs, became a worldwide sensation at the 1988 Winter Olympics in Canada.

His glasses fogged up before each jump and he came last by a mile after a series of hair-raising leaps that left crowds gasping.

In fact he was so dire Olympic chiefs changed the rules to ban no-hopers from future games.

Original article found at People.Co.UK| November 1st 2009

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