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Elsemanal TV 2005

Rupert Grint – Ron Weasley, prince (almost) for Hilary Duff.


Rupert Michael Grint was born on August 24th 1988 in Watton at Stone (UK).
Before making his debut in Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone, Rupert had only
performed in one play at school theatre.

He thought of himself as J.K. Rowling’s number one fan. Therefore he came to auditions, where he was allowed with video in which he performed rap about Ron. The other character which he’d like to play is malicious Malfoy. Just like Harry’s redhead friend, Rupert is afraid of spiders.

He likes when people call him Ron. Apart from Harry Potter films, he appears in Thunderpants – unrealised in Spain – and in Driving Lessons (2006). Droped a role in a “Modern Cinderella”

( A Cinderella story) with Hilary Duff because he was committed to Harry Potter
and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Hobbies. He draws and likes music. Plays the guitar and builds model
airplanes, but his favour-ite occupation is sleep. The Gamecube is his favourite
console and Medal of Honor is favourite videogame. Admires Jim Carrey, Spongebob
is his idol. He has a cat and a dog. He likes green color, Lotus Elise is
preferable car.

On the picture: His favourite sport is football, he began to play golf. Swims
and rides a bicycle. Collects cycles.

Scan Available Here: ICM Gallery | 2005

Translation by Maru

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