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Ron Weasley grows up and fights against Death Eaters and Lord Voldemort in the new Harry Potter

Things are getting dark for Harry Potter in the new film HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX. Lord Voldemort returned at the end of the last film, and a fellow student was slain, and yet there are few back in the wizarding world that believe the tale Harry Potter has to tell. Alone, more than ever before, Harry find out who his true friends are and bands together with them to form Dumbledore’s army to confront the growing darkness in their world. Rupert Grint plays one of Harry’s best friends Ron Weasley, and he is more than ready to stand by him come what may. iF MAGAZINE got to have a chat with the readily recognizable red head about what the POTTER films have meant to him and the best thing he has bought with his money from the movie franchise.

iF MAGAZINE: I would like to ask what is it like to initiate a new director?

RUPERT GRINT: All the directors have kind of always been quite different as well, so it’s always quite sort of exciting to meet the new ones. We’ve had some pretty good ones. Yeah, yeah… we’ve been lucky

iF: Growing up with this character, have you found that its influenced you in real life, the way you are today?

GRINT: Yeah, to me it’s really weird sort of looking back on all the films. It just seems like one long big film. It’s sort of weird looking back at the early ones — just sort of how young we were and how much we’ve changed now, it is really weird. But no, we’ve really enjoyed it. It’s been a really good part of my life and I’ve really enjoyed it.

iF: Have any of you had JK Rowling autograph your books?

GRINT: Well, actually I already did. She went and signed my first book.

iF: With your POTTER paycheck, what, if anything, have you treated yourself to over the years?

GRINT: Oh, well recently I got an ice cream van. Sorry that’s really bad.

iF: There is so much speculation about the book. So how would you feel if your character doesn’t make it?

GRINT: I wouldn’t really mind if it was a really cool scene, and I die in a really cool way. In a way it doesn’t really matter because it’s the last one. I think I’d like to sort of survive. I heard rumors going around about what’s going to happen, so I’m really looking forward to seeing what the outcome is.

iF: How easy did you find it to become leaders and teachers of Dumbledore’s Army?

GRINT: I’ll tell you Ron isn’t really either Harry or Hermione. I really liked doing these scenes because they were really good fun and there was a really good atmosphere on the set. And we got to do loads of stunts as well, which was really cool. Yeah, and I got pulled back on a wire because Hermione and me have a duel.

iF: After HARRY POTTER what would you like to be doing next?

GRINT: I haven’t given it much thought, to be honest, but I’d definitely like to continue acting and I’d like to see what goes from there, really. If it doesn’t work out, I’ve still got the ice cream van!

iF: Does each film having a different director have a different feel on the set or do they all sort of run together?

GRINT: Yeah, I felt that this time around it was a lot more relaxed and David sort of makes you feel really calm because he’s really laid back. Definitely a contrast with Mike Newell.

iF: Can you talk a bit about the audience and how it may have changed over the years?

GRINT: I don’t know, really. I think it’s a kind of varied audience, I suppose. It’s quite for– obviously, it’s quite for the younger ones particularly, and also they’ve probably grown up by now. When you get recognized, I’ve always had people say good things about the films and I’ve always had good feedback from the films.

iF: Which is your favorite scene in the film and why?

GRINT: Well, I don’t know, really. There are loads of scenes that are really fun. I think the funniest one to sort of do and watch back was the Hall of Prophecies, because that was–There was nothing there. There was no set at all. It was all a green screen and nothing. And looking back and watching it is, like, really weird but– yeah, that was pretty cool.

Original article can be found here at iFMagazine I July 13, 2007

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