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Exclusive: Second Film Details Release

The first Harry Potter movie may now have opened – but as director Chris Columbus told CBBC’s Newsround, filming has already started on the second one.

Flying car

Some small bits were done a few weeks ago, he told us, including “a bit of the flying car sequence”.

“And a little bit of the spider sequence. But not enough to merit releasing the film – it would probably only be about two minutes long!”

Daniel Radcliffe says that it was great being behind the wheel of a car, despite being only 12.

“That was so much fun,” he told us.

“We’re in the Ford Anglia and it makes us feel very mature. It’s like we’re driving a car so it’s very cool.”

But has he done any of the Quidditch sequences for the new film, where he takes on Draco Malfoy on his Nimbus 2001 broomstick?

“I have actually – and he’s been on his faster broomstick. But I still prefer mine,” admitted Daniel.

Logging on to Newsround

As for Rupert Grint, what’s he been doing while Daniel’s been whizzing through the air?
I’ve been logging onto the Newsround website, to the messageboard, calling myself Permboy.

“I’ve always logged onto the Newsround website ever since I started auditioning,” says Rupert.

So what’s it like seeing comments like ‘Rupert, you’re the best’ or ‘Rupert we really fancy you’ on the internet?

“It’s weird, but it’s cool as well!”

Original article found at CBBC Newsround | November 16th, 2001

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