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Exclusive: The Weasley’s Reunite

It’s rare to get the opportunity to sit down with one of Britain’s finest talents, but to sit down at the same time with one of its brightest new talents? That’s the stuff of dreams. And our dreams came true earlier today as we enjoyed an audience with outstanding actress and brilliant comedian Julie Walters and her Driving Lessons co-star Rupert Grint, best known as the ginger-headed Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter films.

And it’s Potter we’re discussing in this story; there’ll be more from Grint and Walters on Driving Lessons later in the week. What is there to tell of progress made so far on the fifth Potter adaptation, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix?

“I’ve just finished [on Order of the Phoenix],” Walters told FilmFocus, “it was only ten days of work for me.”

So what can she tell us of her adventures? Fans of the book will remember one of its most poignant moments as Mrs. Weasley, her character in the film, encounters a boggart – a creature that can transform into what one fears the most – in a dusty corner of the Order of the Phoenix’s headquarters; did it make the shoot? “We’re not allowed to say!” says Walters, most conspiratorially. We’re sure we detect a hint of recognition in her eyes, but she’s keeping her lips sealed. “Good try, but we just aren’t allowed to reveal what is and isn’t in the film!”

Nevertheless, Walters is clearly pleased to be back in the role – she wasn’t called to set on the last film, Goblet of Fire, and back in December of last year she exclusively revealed to FilmFocus that she would be on the call-sheet this time around. “[The Weasley actors] sent me a postcard while they were there,” she laughed, “It said, ‘We miss you; Dad [Mr. Weasley, played by Mark Williams] can’t control us!'”

And what does her on-screen son, Rupert Grint, have to tell us about movie five? “It’s going really well, actually,” he told FilmFocus, “and we’ve nearly finished it. We’ve only got a few months left. It’s been really good fun, this one.”

A new film, a new director, Grint was quick to praise David Yates, taking the reins from Mike Newell. “He’s wicked, and he’s really different to the other ones we’ve had as well.”

Grint, clearly exhibiting his abilities as an actor through the Potter films and now Driving Lessons, tells us he’s keen to go on with the franchise, but insists nothing is set in stone yet. “I definitely want to do them but nothing’s official yet,” he says, “I really enjoy doing them and I really want to find out what happens in the seventh book.”

Of course between Potter duties and work on Driving Lessons the pair have rarely been apart, “Yes, I know,” smiles Walters, “Well actually we’re getting engaged!”

She was joking, cast-of-Potter ‘shippers!

Check back in later in the week for out full interview with Rupert Grint and Julie Walters, in which we discuss Driving Lessons, as well as Rupert’s career aspirations and Julie’s new novel.

By Joe Utichi.

Original article found here: FilmFocus | September 4, 2006

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