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Face it: On the big screen, these leading men come through with great personalities

Rupert Grint, 18

The role: Harry Potter’s sidekick Ron Weasley, whom female fans swoon over in the Potter films. (Order of the Phoenix opened Wednesday.)

Who paved the way: Mickey Rooney, the chipper, quintessential best buddy.

On stardom: “You do get a little more attention. People relate to Ron — he’s got a big family and is a funny character,” Grint says.

Expert quote: “He’s the perfect example of a funny-looking guy, the absolute opposite of what child stars used to be,” Grove says. “This is not the guy you think will get the girl. But again, people in the audience look and act like Rupert Grint and, like his character, are often left out of the romantic equation.”

Next up: He’s under contract to complete the next two films. Then, “I don’t know,” Grint says. “I’m enjoying making the films. I’m pretty open to most things, really. Anything, really, that comes up that’s good.”

Original article found here at USA Today I July 12, 2007

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