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Filmfront met Rupert Grint and Lachlan Nieboer who can be seen in Into the White now.

Lachlan Nieboer and Rupert Grint are these days in Norway to promote their new film Into the White which is directed by Petter Næss. Nieboer is known from the series Torchwood and Downtown Abbey, while Grint is world famous after eight films as Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter series. We sat down with the two Brits for an interview.

Jacob: Grint, what would you say the film is about?

Rupert Grint: The story is basically about two enemies from different sides who are forced to live together in a cabin and their relationship with each other and how the power shifts back and forth. It’s really about how it is to survive in this country’s extreme climate during the Second World War.

Jacob: What was filming like, Nieboer? Was it cold?

Lachlan Nieboer: Yes, it was really cold. At one point we had as much as 20 below zero or something like that. It’s weird, because we were three weeks in the cold and then by the end of filming the first of the three weeks it was actually pretty warm. The snow melted and we had this schizophrenic weather patterns, so yeah, we really had problems up there.

Jacob: It’s a pretty funny film with a lot of humor. Did you have a good time while filming with a lot of laughter on set?

Grint: Yeah, we had fun. It was pretty funny because we saw the film yesterday and there are a couple of scenes that arises because the characters do things without thinking about what it will lead to, which is something that makes it so genuinely comical. It was great fun!
Nieboer: Yeah, we had a laugh or two!

Jacob: Did the story impress you?

Nieboer: Yes, it made a really strong impression. It’s a very touching story and not least a true story. We expanded it a bit and changed a couple of things, but you know, these men, Horst Schopis and my character met a few years later as friends. This was something Horst Schopis himself, who I met last year, told me was very touching and of course that was very poignant to me.

Jacob: Grint, what would you say the film is trying to tell the audience?

Grint: It’s quite a different war film. I can point out the absurdity of war. By the end of it you’re not even thinking about war. It’s just about five men who are trying to survive and afterwards it’s all quite refreshing.

Jacob: Nieboer, can you recognize yourself in your character?

Nieboer: I never served in the war, never been shot down, I’m not an aristocrat which is what we thought he was and which is how I wanted to portray him; but it’s other aspects of him that I would like to say I’m not but that I can relate to and I know someone who inhabits these traits. It’s quite private really, but yeah, you have to be arrogant and condescending to some degree because that’s what the character needs.

Jacob: One last question. There are British, German and Norwegian actors in the film. Did you still speak English on set?

Nieboer: Yes, we spoke English on set which was very generous of them because we were the only Englishmen on set. So, haha, in one way or another we managed to make sure of that.

Translation by Malene.

Original article found here: | March 6, 2012

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