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Filming a war drama on Strynefjellet

The Harry Potter star Rupert Grint is one of those who in the last weeks have been present during the filming of the film, Comrade, in Grotli.

Thursday, everything was ready for filming some scenes on Hjelle in Stryn with several known Norwegian and foreign actors. Here, the press got a short meeting with the four actors who have the biggest roles.

– It’s fun, but it’s been physical challenging. I wasn’t prepared for it to be this extreme, says Rupert Grint during the short press conference.

Shot down
22 local extras were also included in the filming which is inspired by a true story from the war.

The German pilot Horst Schopis and two fellow soldiers were shot down by a British plane on Grotli on April 27 1940. The British have engine problems themselves and has to make an emergency landing. Incredibly enough, all five of them seek shelter in the same small hunting cabin.

Isolated from the outside world, they have to fight to survive the brutal winter. The war has made them enemies, but they need to share food and cooperate to survive.

More celebrities
The most high-profiled actor in the film is Rupert Grint, known from the Harry Potter films. But there are more known names on the cast list: Lachlan Nieboer (Torchwood 2006), Florian Lukas (North Face 2008, Good Bye Lenin! 2008) and David Kross (The Reader 2008, Krabat 2008).

Several Norwegian actors are in it too: Stig Henrik Hoff (Max Manus 2008, Kautokeino-opprøret 2008), Knut Joner (Max Manus 2008), Sondre Krogtoft Larsen (Umeå4ever 2011), Morten Faldaas (Hawaii, Oslo 2004, Jørgen+Anne=sant 2011).

The director is Petter Næss (Elling 2001, Bare Bea 2004).

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