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First Light Film Awards: Pilton Video Wins Film Award

With the Oscars taking place this weekend, on Wednesday February 23 all eyes were on on some young filmmakers from Scotland who were in London being honoured for their own work. Jude Law, Stephen Fry and Sir Ian McKellen were among the judging panel who heaped praise on the pupils’ short films.

The First Light film awards, celebrating films made by young people, was held at the Odeon West End in London’s Leicester Square and it was a great day for Scotland and a group from Edinburgh.

Actor Colin Salmon announced: “The winner of the first light award 2005 in the category of best documentary is – quite right too – Old Enough To Know Better.

Brian McLeod and Nick Erdly, John Cooper and Devon Simonsen are Pilton Video and they produced a documentary on the mass protest and school walkouts in Edinburgh in the days leading up to the Iraq war.

On had to lend their support to the proceedings were Lord Of The Rings star Sir Ian McKellen and Rupert Grint, famous, of course, as Harry Potter’s mate Ron Weasley.

Rupert Grint said: “It’s wicked because I sort of started out quite young when I was 11 and it’s such good experience, it’s really good fun so it’s good to see like younger ones as well getting into film as well.”

Sir Ian McKellen added: “The films I’ve seen are quite extraordinary. I could have done nothing like that at their age or my own age.”

Asked how it felt to win, Nick Eardley said: “It’s great, it’s absolutely fantastic to be recognised and that people are listening to us and it’s great to actually have the opportunity to do this. It’s fantastic.”

He gave an impassioned speech when he won – was this something he had prepared?

He answered: “No, we had a rough idea of what we’d say. We’ve got the people we’ve got to thank, Joel and everyone from Pilton because they’ve been absolutely fantastic but we felt the politics had to stay in it because that was the most important thing in the film. We couldn’t let that drop.”

Devon Simonsen added: “You just sit there and hear his chat and think it’s not us, it’s not us and he sort of says the name so you sort of go whoops, that’s us, go, go.”

Original article found here: Scotland Today | February 23rd, 2005

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