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From wizardry to mountains and hugs

Rupert Grint is part of the Norwegian film “Into the White”. – It was fun to do something completely different after the Harry Potter films, the film star says.

It’s early afternoon on Scandic Hotel in Bergen and Rupert Grint blows the hair out of his eyes. Most people know him as Ron Weasley, Harry Potter’s somewhat unpredictable best friend with a heart of gold. Now he has been on a tour around Norway to promote his latest film “Into the White”.

Screaming and giggling– You’re only allowed to ask questions about the film, the press official for the third time before she stands behind the Norwegian director Petter Næss.

That means that all questions about Grint’s relationship status and what the superstar really thinks about Norwegian girls are put on ice.

However, one thing remains certain, some Norwegian girls like Rupert Grint. Outside the window, five young girls are standing in jackets, hats and wide grins. Every time Grint glances outside onto the street, it is reciprocated with screaming and giggling.

– Frustrated
– Rupert has been very professional. “Very well prepared”, director Petter Næss says while nodding towards the 23-year-old Grint.

– Norwegian actors aren’t always that prepared and it was nice to work with someone who shows up and is ready to go.

“Into the White”, which is shot in a freezer in Sweden and in the Norwegian mountains on Grotli, is based on a true story. During the Second World War a British and a German plane shoot each other down in the Norwegian mountains. Three German and two British soldiers survive the crash landing and coincidences lead to them ending up in the same hunting cabin.

– Yeah, I play a quite frustrated and angry British pilot. He has a girl who’s waiting for him at home and it really doesn’t suit him that he has to sleep in the wilderness with the Germans, Grint says while laughing.

– But I’ve never played such a role before. The character is so provocative and fiery, he’s very unlike myself.

Life after Potter
The filming of “Into the White” occurred right after Grint had finished the eighth and last Harry Potter film.

– It was fun to do something else. No matter how much I enjoy playing the same character for ten years, it’s fun to loosen the tie a bit and play a hothead with an outdated teletubby suit. Grint resorted to a Liverpool accent in order to get into character.

– It was fitting for the part, the dialect sounds bit argumentative and angry. The only downside was the fact that no one could understand me, I had trouble understanding myself at times, Grint says.

“Very believable”
He is unsure about what he would do in a war situation himself.

– I would probably react the same way as in the film, with frustration, Rupert Grint says.

– We showed the film to war veterans before it was released and they thought it was very believable, Næss says, who tells us that they have been in contact with some of the people that the film is based upon.

It was important to Næss to show that there are good people on both sides of the war.

– After all, it is people underneath the uniforms and I wanted to show that, the director says.

Translation by Malene.

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