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Grand premiere in Stryn

Geir Tonning (right) was one of the many local extras in the film, "Into the White". Here is the 35 year old together with the famous director Petter Næss who is behind the fim that is filmed on Grotli. Photo by Hans-Olav Rise/NRK

Almost all the filming for the new film ”Into the White” took place in Grotli on Strynefjellet. For this reason, the pre-premiere was of course added to Stryn Kultur, and stars as well as local celebrities showed up kulturhuset (ICM: House of Culture).

– Incredibly good film!, was heard from several mouths as one of the leading actors, Stig Henrik Hoff, and director Petter Næss exists the cinema.

The pre-premiere for the new film “Into the White” is successfully complete and the actors, director and extras can relax their shoulders – because the response at Stryn Kulturhus was good.

Petter Næss, who is known for directing the Oscar nominated “Elling”, “Tatt av kvinna” and “Bare Bea”, is now ready to present the film from Stryn.

The film is inspired by the historical event on Strynefjellet on April 1940 where a German and a British plane shot each other down.

On and with Stryn
Most of the film takes place inside a cabin on Grotli where they had to seek shelter. Two British and three German soldiers had to learn to work together in order to survive.

Almost the entire film was shot on Strynefjellet and there are many local faces in the film. The stars in the film are almost just as famous in Stryn as the extras from Stryn.

Rupert Grint, known as “Ron” from the Harry Potter films, chose “Into the White” as his first film after countless of years with magic. Stig Henrik Hoff is the Norwegian star and he attended the premiere together with director Næss.

One of the locals who got to be in the film was Geir Tonning. The 35-year-old was very excited before the film.

– I’m very much looking forward to this. I haven’t seen the film and I expect it to be an intense film. For my own part, I expect to be shown for two seconds, an excited Tonning nods and smiles.

Had seconds
After one hour and 45 minutes, people had been laughing, had been surprised and had empathy for most of the characters in the film.

At the end there was a great applause, and for Geir Tonning it was amazing – because his role as an extra hadn’t been cut away.

– I don’t know how long it was, but it was at least two seconds. I am well pleased. I especially liked the mane of my hair, Tonning grins, who had a real “bowl cut”.

– In the mountains at last

Director Næss was also very pleased after the premiere. He really liked getting honest feedback from the local audience.

– People didn’t need to say anything, but the feedback has been overwhelming, beautiful and real. People come over and are positive, so the mixture of my own experience and the reaction from the audience means that I can sit back with a good feeling. This is slightly different than having a premiere with a blasé Oslo audience.

– People here talk straight from the gut, Næss says.

There is a new premiere for the film tomorrow, this time in Oslo city. However, one of the best parts for Næss was to film outside of the cities.

– I am very much a man of nature, and it strikes me that I’ve predominately made films in the cities. Now I was finally on the mountain making a film in the nature where I thrive, and I thought that was fantastic, the director nods.

Simon Patridge was the guest of honour at the pre-premiere. Patridge is a son of one of the two British soldiers in the film. He is understands that the film is not rooted in what actually took place. Photo by Hans-Olav Rise/NRK

– Fiction
Stryn Kulturhus was full of dressed up locals, but one of the guests came from a long way away. That man was Simon Patridge.

Patridge is son of one of the two British soldiers that was shot down. He understands that the film has no basis in reality.

– The film has nothing to do with reality, and it was quite difficult for me to have an objective opinion.

– It was a bit naïve and irresponsible, but for those who do not have the same historical background as myself, it was surely entertaining. Because there are many humorous and warm scenes in the film, Patridge points out.

Translation by Malene.

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