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Press Release: Great Interest in Into the White Abroad!

Even before the Norwegian premiere in March, 21 countries have secures Petter Næss’ film Into the White.

– Petter Næss is cementing his status as Norway’s best director with the film “Into the White” and he is following up on his international success from the Elling series with a big international sale, and we are expecting more territories to be sold on the upcoming market during the Berlin Film Festival, producer Peter Aalbæk Jensen says.

Into the White has so far been sold to: Germany, United Kingdom, Spain, Thailand, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Australia, New Zealand, Andorra, Luxembourg, Albania, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo and Macedonia.

About the film
Into the White is inspired by a true story: High above the harsh Norwegian wilderness, a British and a German plane shoot each other down after a violent battle April 27 1940. Three German and two British pilots survive the crash and accidentally seek shelter in the same cabin. Even though the war has made them enemies, they will have to work together to survive in the isolated cabin on the snow-covered mountain.

About the actors
Rupert Grint (Harry Potter 2001-2010), Lachlan Nieboer (Torchwood 2008), Florian Lukas (Good Bye Lenin! 2003, North Face 2008), David Kross (The Reader 2008, Krabat 2008) and Stig Henrik Hoff (Max Manus 2008, Kautokeino-opprøret 2008).

About the director
Director Petter Næss (Elling 2001, Bare Bea 2004, Elsk mig i morgen 2006, Tatt av kvinnen 2007, Maskeblomstfamilien 2010) is one of Norways most active film directors with eight feature films in just over ten years. This time, he has partnered up with Zentropa International Norway which is producing its first film.

Into the White will premier in cinemas 9 March 2012.

Scanbox Entertainment | January 13, 2012

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