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Growing up as Ron Weasley

Rupert Grint discusses kissing scenes, hovercrafts and life after Weasley
By LIZ BRAUN — Sun Media

NEW YORK — Rupert Grint is either very shy or very clever.

We’re guessing clever.

At a news conference here for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, he says very little. When he does talk, Grint can be vague and generally non-committal, but always in the most genial way. He’s hiding in plain sight, perhaps, but he can’t always keep a lid on the quick wit that points to his intelligence.

Grint, 20, has been in the news lately for having suffered through a bout of swine flu, but once he was over that, all attention was back on Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. This sixth film, more than any other, shows Grint’s comedic abilities; as Potter star Daniel Radcliffe put it, “In terms of the comedy, this is Rupert’s finest hour. He’s brilliant in the movie. He reveals himself to be a fantastic practitioner of physical comedy. The scene on the broom stick in Quiddich is like something out of Buster Keaton.”

(Indeed, Grint even gets to be the Quidditch team hero in this film, albeit with a bit of help.)


Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince marks the beginning of romance for Grint’s character, Ron Weasley, and Emma Watson’s character, Hermione. There is a lot of comic material in the movie about love potions and first love. Rumour had it that Grint and Watson’s most passionate kiss was dropped from the finished movie, but Watson sets the record straight: The kiss everyone is talking about is actually in the next movie.

“So it wasn’t that we did it and it was s–t and didn’t make it, ” she says, laughing. “We were so desperate to get it over with! We felt the pressure of this kiss — this is like 10 years of tension and chemistry in one moment, and we had to ace it.”

On his side, Grint just says he was happy they got the kiss done in very few takes.

The oldest of five kids, Grint grew up in Hertfordshire and still lives at home with his parents.

“I’ve come from quite a normal background, stable. A good family,” he sums up, noting that his four siblings don’t offer their famous brother any special treatment.

“I don’t think I’ve inspired anyone,” he says. “None of them really know what they want to do, although my sisters are into music and singing. We’re all really different.”

Asked what he does on his own time, he says, “I’ve got quite a few unusual hobbies. I like to hovercraft, that’s a recent thing. We’ve got a lake where we live, and it goes on land, too. I enjoy that a lot. And I’m learning to play a banjo at the moment. I do quite normal stuff as well,” he adds.

“I go to see bands play, and I play golf, and I’m quite into cars and driving.”

Doing ‘normal stuff’ isn’t always easy for someone who is known everywhere on the planet.

“The whole fan thing is quite strange — getting recognized and all that,” he says. “The hair does kind of cause attention. But they’re always nice. It’s mostly manageable. It’s quite easy to live with.”

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is, in a way, the beginning of the end for the young cast. The last of J.K. Rowling’s Potter books is being made into two more movies, and they are all that’s left.


And the cast is already filming them.

Grint says he’s unsure how he feels about winding it all up.

“It’s still a long way off, like 10 months, but it’s weird thinking about it ending,” he says, soberly. “It’s been half my life. It’s going to be hard to let go.”

He brightens up when he adds, “Of course, after this, there’s a Harry Potter theme park coming out. It’s in Florida, I think. There’ll be a lot going on.”

There’s a lot going on for Grint, anyway. He’s done two movies since filming Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince; he plays a sex/drugs/rock ‘n’ roll part in Cherrybomb and an apprentice assassin to Bill Nighy in Wild Target. (Neither has been released here yet.) And he won praise for his work opposite Julie Walters and Laura Linney in Driving Lessons in 2006. His future looks bright.

Looking back, Grint says he never imagined what the Harry Potter journey would be.

“It took on a life of its own, really,” he says. “I never thought I’d be doing six films. We knew it was going to be quite big, because the books were huge, but nothing like this.”

He continues, “You know, you’re thrown into this kind of thing, and I’d never really planned to be an actor. It just kind of happened, and I’m just kind of going with it for a while. If I can continue, it would be great, but if it does all end, it’s not the end of the world. I’ve had a great few years. It’s been good.”

Original article found here: Jam! | July 14th, 2009

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