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Growing Up In Front of the Cameras

Young Performer with Rupert Grint

YP: Rupert, how do you juggle fame, filming and school?
RG: Life is pretty much as it was before, except Japanese people send me birthday presents, and I get recognised sometimes which is weird! I go to school for exams, but I have never been top of the class, so I prefer tutoring – fewer distractions. My school friends just behave normally, which helps. Also I’ve got lots of little sisters and we still argue and stuff.

YP: Did you honestly like Ron’s pet rat Scabbers?
RG: I think rats are cool so I didn’t mind doing scenes with Scabbers. The Animal department shaved bits of his fur off so he would look manky, but he is really a nice healthy rat who had a make over.

YP: Have you and Ron changed in the 3rd Potter movie?
RG: I’m taller and my voice has broken. Ron changes, there’s the Hermione budding romance thing going on. Yeah I relate to Ron because we both have ginger hair, big families, and I’m scared of spiders like him.
But I’d like Ron to turn a bit evil, that’s be cool. I’ve always wanted
to play an evil person!

YP: Describe your average day on the set?
RG: I get up early, go to the studios 45 minutes away, have breakfast, costume, hair, and make up. Then I either go to tutoring, or on set, depending if they’re ready. On set the director runs us through the scene, we’ll rehearse it a couple of time, and then start filming

YP: What was the worst thing about filming?
RG: The rat peed on me! And the clothes – unfortunately Ron still wears his Weasley sweaters, so I never got to experience normal clothes.

YP: Do you want to continue acting when you grow up?
RG: It’d be cool to carry on doing films, but when I was a kid I wanted to be an ice cream man.

Original article found here: Young Performer | July 15th, 2004

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