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Hairy Potter? NR talks to Rupert Grint

Rupert Grint aka Ron Weasley

Rupert Grint has wowed audiences as Ron Weasley in the last two Potter films. He’s back in Azkaban and now his long locks are the talk of the fans.

Lizo caught up with the auburn-haired actor and asked him about this film, the next one, and whether Ron’s new look is permanent.

Lizo: Now Rupert tell us how much fun did you have with this movie?

Rupert: Yeah, this one was fun! But seeing it finally was the really good bit – ‘cos you get to see all the special effects that you didn’t get to see when we were making the film.

Lizo: So is it bizarre on set when you’re doing stuff without knowing how it’ll turn out – like the scenes with the Dementors?

Rupert: It’s weird – and there’s some scary puppet stuff as well. Yeah, it’s really weird doing all the special effects stuff but it’s really satisfying to see it all at the end.

Lizo: What did you think when you saw it on screen?

Rupert: It’s a lot different to the other films which was good. It’s a lot more grown up, and a lot darker as well which is good.

Lizo: Things are hotting up between you and Hermione?

Rupert: There’s a lot of awkward hand-holding moments which is a bit weird but it is fun to do! And there were a few hugs as well which didn’t make the final cut – there was a lot of that sort of stuff.

Lizo: Do you think Ron and Hermione are well-suited?

Rupert: I dunno! When they first met they didn’t like each other. And in this one they were arguing about the cat and the rat!

Lizo: So forget the Sirius Black thing – this movie’s all about the cat and the rat stuff eh?

Rupert: Definitely yeah!

Lizo: What did you think of the cat playing Crookshanks?

Rupert: Emma liked it but Dan and I thought it was a bit ugly – he has a flat face. He was alright.

Lizo: Did he have a nice personality?
Rupert: Ha! Well he was really well trained. All the animals were, the rat aswell.

Lizo: What’s it like being one of the most famous teenagers in the world?
Rupert: I get recognised sometimes which is quite weird. It’s hard to get used to. It’s really weird but quite cool too.

Lizo: What do you do when you have time off?

Rupert: I’ve just recently started playing golf – I played in Scotland, they’ve a lot of courses up there. That’s quite fun. And I play computer games a lot.

Lizo: What do you do when you’re on set but not filming?

Rupert: There’s not really a lot of time. We’re always filming and when we’re not we’re tutoring! But we have a really good time anyway ‘cos, well, it’s not that hard work, it’s all good fun.

Lizo: You’re just getting ready to start the next film – what are you looking forward to in that?

Rupert: My dress robes are going to be quite cool – so I’m looking forward to seeing what they look like. The Yule Ball should be good.

Lizo: And finally the question everyone wants to know – are you going to get your hair cut – or is this the new look for Rupert?

Rupert: I think it is. That’s what they’re saying. I have had it cut – this is it short, well shorter than it was ‘cos it was really long for a while. Yeah, this is the final sort of thing.

Lizo: Well, we’ll let you know how the vote goes on the web!

Rupert: Yeah do!

Original article found here: CBBC Newsround | May 28th, 2004

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