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Harry Potter actor a charmer

‘I love you, Rupert,’ fans scream to teen actor at movie premiere

Tim Lai
Entertainment Reporter

Even before he stepped out of the Harry Potter Hummer, the screams became piercing and the flashes were dizzying. Then Rupert Grint got out of the back seat, sparkled his charming boyish smile and ignited Pottermania in Toronto.

The ginger-mopped actor, who plays Ron Weasley in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, made a brief appearance at the Scotiabank Theatre downtown yesterday morning to promote the opening of the fifth movie in the blockbuster series that has raked in more than $3.5 billion worldwide.

As he answered questions from the media on the red carpet, shrieks of “Rupert, I love you” and “You’re sexy, Rupert” marked his every step.

“It’s still really strange being recognized and all,” said the 18-year-old British actor, who flashed smiles to a few hundred fans armed with digital cameras in between questions from reporters. “When we first started, we didn’t think this far on. It was already a crazy enough experience.”

He said the fifth film is his personal favourite due to the darker nature and working with director David Yates, who is new to the franchise.

“It was really intense because Hogwarts was really scary because Voldemort was back and there was a feeling that the war was going to start,” said Grint.

Like everyone else, Grint is counting down the days until the seventh book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, is released on July 21. If a petition started by fans to continue the series works out, however, he’ll be happy to fill Ron’s shoes once again – unless he’s killed off.

“But you can always come back as a ghost,” Grint said with a mischievous smile. “Everyone’s just anxious to see who dies and who survives. There’s so many rumours going around and everyone’s got their strange theory.”

Even visits to the sets from author J.K. Rowling haven’t revealed any hints.

“There’s always quite the buzz when she comes around because she’s the one who’s created everything,” said Grint. “She doesn’t give anything away from the books.”

Evan Hoyle, who was first in the line at 5:30 a.m. to see the morning movie, said he’s already going bonkers in anticipation and trying not to think about any conclusion.

“I don’t want to ruin it for myself,” said the 15-year-old super fan who dressed up as Harry. “I’ve thought about it, but when I do those thoughts just go away.”

Jasmine Denipe had good connections to get her DVD of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire autographed – her mom is in the media, so as Grint answered questions, he Sharpied her video.

“I’m going to love it. I’m going to take care of it. I’m going make sure it doesn’t get dirty. I’m going to make sure it stays safe in a box,” said the 13-year-old in a “Weasley is the King” t-shirt. She’s also been writing a prequel to the series for a school project.

Grint completed his whirlwind tour of Toronto, his first time in the city, early last night, but he said it was very pleasant to see and meet adoring Canadian fans, who are somewhat similar to their southern counterparts. “They’re usually pretty crazy and quite forward,” Grint said of American fans.

He said he enjoyed seeing the CN Tower, but would’ve liked to have seen a U20 World Cup match as he’s a football fan – he’s a supporter of the Tottenham Hotspur in the English Premiership.

Grint said he doesn’t have any projects on the horizon other than the two Harry Potter movies. He said he’s looking forward to a break between the movies and perhaps get some time with a new purchase – an ice cream truck – since he recently got his licence.

“When I was younger, it was a dream of mine to be an ice cream man,” said Grint, whose truck is equipped with a flashing cones and sugary music. “You get a lot of disappointed children because I actually don’t have anything – it’s not stocked.”

Original article found here: The Star | July 12, 2007

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