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Harry Potter actor makes his Stage debut

British actor Rupert Grint, star of the Harry Potter movies, has spoken of his admiration for the stars of the FIA World Rally Championship after watching them in action on the Special Stages of the Rally of Great Britain.

Grint, 21, best known for playing Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter series, is a huge rallying fan partly because his younger brother James is an aspiring driver.

Although perhaps more familiar with flying cars than rally cars, Grint got the opportunity to see the world’s finest drivers on the final two stages of the event, Port Talbot and Rheola, an experience he thoroughly enjoyed, “I saw Loeb and Hirvonen fly past,” Grint told, “Mikko had just lost some time, which was a real shame because it had been a great battle to that point.

“It was actually my first major rally so I am still learning the ropes, and understanding more about the drivers and the sport. My brother James has started to drive rally cars so I am being more exposed to the sport because of that. I always try and watch him when he drives”

“I have made the official start for a few rallies before but have never been to a round of the WRC. I absolutely loved every minute of it and I can see why my little brother is hooked! I have so much respect for the drivers; I am still in shock at the speeds I witnessed out on the stages and the fact that they looked so in control at the same time.”

Grint said the pace of the two title hopefuls, Mikko Hirvonen and Sebastien Loeb, had impressed him especially. “Mikko is a great driver obviously, but Loeb is just phenomenal to watch,” he said. “Loeb’s performances over the past few years have been great, and he really is making history in the sport. To be honest, I have a lot of admiration for all these guys, to be able to drive that fast on all types of surface is a real tribute to their talent”

But although the youngster was impressed with what he’d seen in Wales, he wasn’t ready to turn his back on Hollywood in favour of a new career as a WRC driver – at least not just yet.

“I do love rally but at the moment I am loving the acting career,” said Grint. “I actually did a rally experience day recently with my brother so I did get a chance to drive some less powerful cars and really enjoyed it. I have always liked going fast so that was a great opportunity. I am going to stick with the acting for the moment as I love being involved in the Harry Potter series, but you never know what the future holds!”

Original article found here: WRC | October 29th, 2009

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