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Harry Potter star Rupert Grint visits Gorge

Harry Potter star Rupert Grint visits Gorge

With Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince bewitching UK movie audiences, the Chosen One’s best friend found time to swap Godric’s Hollow for Gough’s Cave.

Film star Rupert Grint, better known as Ron Weasley in the wizarding world, spent a magical Sunday at the beauty spot with his parents and sisters before staff asked if they could have their picture taken with him in the Cheddar Caves’ Gift Shop.

Site director Hugh Cornwell said: “However, the girls pictured in gift shop were so dumbstruck by his natural charm and friendly wizardry that they forgot to ask him how all his family had managed to squeeze into his blue Ford Anglia.

“I suppose he would have replied ‘By magic!’”

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