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Harry Potter star: Scary to make film without the Potter-fans

Grint reveals what he thinks of Norwegian girls

Rupert Grint was impressed with the turnout when he attended the world premiere of the film “Into the White” Sunday night in Oslo.

– It’s scary to make a film without the security of the Potter-fans. That’s why it’s so nice to see all the people that have showed up here tonight, Rupert Grint says to VG Nett.

Sunday night was the star-studded pre-premiere of the film “Into the White” at Folketeatret in Oslo.

Rupert Grint, mostly known for the Harry Potter films to most people, was very happy to be back in Oslo because there was little time to meet new people during filming.

– When I was in Norway the last time we were constantly filming on the mountain so I didn’t get to socialize with a lot of people besides the other actors, but it was a very fun experience.

– Seen him grow up

Actor Rupert Grint probably doesn’t have anything to worry about when it comes to Potter-fans in Norway.

VG met the students Ida Aarseth (19), Ronja Knudsen (19) and Marie Ulvind (19) before Grint showed up. They were among the hundreds of people that had showed up to the premiere and they are all big Harry Potter fans.

– It’s going to be very special to see him. We’ve watched him grow up in the Potter film, Ida Aarseth says.

Marie Ulvind feels that she has a personal relationship with Grint.

– When you have seen a person you look up to grow up for ten years, then you get a very personal relationship with him, she tells VG Nett.

23-year-old Grint, who is currently single, smiles mischievously when he is asked what he thinks of Norwegian girls.

– They are very cool and I like them, he says to VG Nett.

– Heavy and tiresome

It is the Norwegian director Petter Næss who is behind the film which is inspired by a true story.

The film takes place in the Norwegian mountains during the Second World War. April 27 1940 a British and a German plane shoot each other down. Thus, the three German and two British survivors have to work together to survive the wintry mountain.

– I’m a man who likes to be on the mountain and vacationing in cabins, so to make a film in a tiny little cabin on the mountain surrounded by beautiful and grand nature has been absolutely fantastic, Næss says to VG Nett.

He says that the work on the film has been both close and intense.

– Working with five talented actors on such a scene has been heavy and tiresome, but there is nothing more lovely and uplifting for a director than to work with talented actors that are intuitive, skilled and want to put forward a joint project.

The experienced director is impressed with the young man’s efforts in the film.

– Rupert is a prince and a professional. He’s been an actor since he was ten years old so he knows almost everything.


Actor Stig Henrik Hoff tells us on the red carpet that a comradeship developed between the actors during filming.

– A friendship developed between us. We worked together closely for several months so it’s incredibly cool to have all the actors here tonight.

The five soldiers in the film are played by “Harry Potter” star Rupert Grint (23), David Kross (21), Florian Lukas (38), Lachlan Nieboer (30) and Norwegian Stig Henrik Hoff.

“Into the White” will premiere in cinemas Friday March 9.

Translation by Malene

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