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Harry Potter’s Friend Loves Algarve

On vacation at Quinta do lago, actor Rupert Grint spoke about the wizard’s new movie

Actor Rupert Grint, better known as Ronald Weasley, Harry Potter’s red-haired friend on cinema, was in Algarve on vacation for two weeks.

And Rupert assured VIP that, because of all the fun and relaxation he found at Quinta do lago, he’s sure to come back. “It’s really good to be here! I love the weather, the beaches, the people…it’s great”.

One of the reasons why the young actor prefers this area of the Portuguese sea line is golf. Rupert is golf fan and at Quinta do lago he finds unique fields and conditions to play it.

Rupert’s vacations are already near their end and he’s ready to start shooting a new Harry Potter movie, Order of the Phoenix.

About the expectations for the actors’ performances in one of the most successful series in movie history, he says there’s many difficulties. “Definitely, it’s quite demanding! But anyway, as everybody in the crew is very professional, there’s a great team spirit. And that combination is very important, specially for young actors as myself, who are still beginners”.

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Translation by Joana

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