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‘Harry Potter’s’ Ron-actor Rupert Grint-starts in steamy film love scene

Written by Shallon Lester

It looks like Ron Weasley is all grown up.

Twenty-year-old “Harry Potter” star Rupert Grint – who has played Daniel Radcliffe’s red-haired sidekick in all of the “Potter” films – is now following his co-star’s lead when it comes to leaving the boyish roles behind for more … adult material.

Radcliffe has been taking the stage nude for the play “Equus,” and Grint is now the star of a steamy love scene in the new film “Cherrybomb.”

The flick centers around two friends, Grint and co-star Robert Sheehan, who turn into bitter rivals after a seductive girl, Kimberly Nixon, comes between them. But the raunchy scenes between Nixon and Grint hint that perhaps the two have been practicing a little method acting.

Rumors have been flying around the film’s set that Grint and Nixon are more than just castmates and the pair has been seen spending romantic nights at Nixon’s home in London, reports the Daily Mail.

But Grint has played down the whispers about his sexy 23-year-old co-star, hoping audiences will focus on him as a serious actor.

Isn’t there a magica spell for that?

The film will premiere next month at the Berlin Film Festival.

Original article found here at NY Daily News I January 14, 2009

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