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Heart Showbiz interview

Heart Showbiz radio interview where Rupert answers questions from his fans ranging from his hair, kissing Emma, and his fear of spiders. He also got an invitation to a birthday party from one of his young fans.


Host: Well first of all Rupert welcome to Heart.

Rupert: How are you doing?

Host: I’m, I’m good. The first question has to be, everyone wants to know if you’re okay cuz you’ve had Swine Flu?

Rupert: Yeah, no I did have Swine Flu but it was no different than any other Flu I’ve had. It was quite easy to get rid of.

Host: It’s not as bad as man Flu though, man Flu is the worst.

Rupert: Oh yeah yeah. (Laughs)

Host: Eight year old Ben, one of your fans, wants to know if you got Swine Flu from going to Hogwarts?

Rupert: Uh ha ha.

Host: Do you like that?

Rupert: Very clever yeah I like that. (Laughs) Well no!

Host: Okay here’s another one. Your first car was an Ice Cream Van, by the way is it fully functioning?

Rupert: Yeah, I’ve had a bit of work done to it, just getting it repainted, but yeah should be back on the road soon. It’s got a Mr. Whippy machine, a freezer.

Host: You ever start selling Icee’s?

Rupert: Well you can’t. It’s not as easy as that really. You need special licenses to sell Ice Cream. It’s a bit complicated but…I do get people queuing up whenever I go out.

Host: Okay Emma wants to know if its true your first acting role, was it as fish in a school play, and did you have any lines?

Rupert: Yeah it was a fish, and uh no it wasn’t a talking part. I think I was fish 6. There was about 10 fish. Yeah it was a bit of a responsibility being the 6th fish.

Host: Scarlet wants to know if you have a nickname that your friends call you?

Rupert: Yeah. I mean there is a lot. Rupe, Poop is one that comes up occasionally. The usual ginger kind of comments..

Host: I’d expect there would quite a few ginger ones there…Simon wants to know if Emma is a good kisser.

Rupert: Yeah, she is.. I mean the kiss was quite weird.. But ohm yeah no she is a lovely girl. It was good.

Host: Anna says she hears you are scared of spiders. Is that true and exactly how scared of them are you?

Rupert: Yeah that is true and I’m very scared yeah.

Host: Standing on chairs scared?

Rupert: I never really see that is a good strategy really, I just run.

Host: Steven wants to know if your parents still make you clean your room even though your famous?

Rupert: Oh yeah definitely. No No yeah, I haven’t done it in awhile but they do still tell me to do it yeah.

Host: Emily wants to know if you performed a hip hop number on your Harry Potter audition tape?

Rupert: Yeah.. Part of the plan of my auditioning was I sent in a video tape, it was just me. I just did a rap basically just about me to a beat. Just something to get their attention really.

Host: So we’re not going to see you MCing anytime. It wasn’t that level of…

Rupert: Probably not

Host: Loves your hair and your eyes and wants to know what it is like to be a sex symbol?

Rupert: (Laughs) I don’t really see myself as that… That’s quite weird. Yeah Yeah getting recognized is quite a strange thing. I’m still kinda getting use to it.

Host: You will be turning 21 next month and Allan wants to know what you will be doing because he is 5 next month and wants to know if you’d like to go to his party. It’s Harry Potter themed.

Rupert: Cool.

Host: …And he’s having carrot cake in your honor.

Rupert: Oh I like that. Cool yeah I’m there.

Host: Rupert it’s always a pleasure to talk to you. Take care thank you.

Rupert: Cheers.

Original article found here: HeartShowbiz | July 15, 2009

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