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Hogwarts Hotties

What’s in that pumpkin juice anyway? That bombshell there is none other than Emma Watson, aka Hermione Granger of Harry Potter fame. The bewitching young actress looked fab and glamorous in a series of photos published this weekend by The Daily Mail in an online article where Emma talked about fame, fortune, and possibly attending Cambridge or an Ivy League university. All that and brains, too?

Rupert Grint, Emma’s onscreen schoolmate Ron Weasley, also looks to have passed through puberty and adolescence and emerged on the other side unscathed. Here he is in a photo from his new movie, the intriguingly named Cherrybomb. It’s like Ron Weasley got hit full on with an expecto sexinus spell. The film is described as a thriller/romance about a wild weekend of “drinking, drugs, sex and a deadly end” to a competition over a female, played by Kimberley Nixon. Cherrybomb is set have it’s world premiere next week at the Berlinale film festival in Germany.

Look for Grint, 20, and Watson, 18 (ages helpfully provided so some of you can perv guilt-free), to show off their charms in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince in theatres this July.

Original article can be found here at Dr. Funkenberry I February 1, 2009

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