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– I love Norway!

At the ”Into the White” premiere Aksel Hennie snogged Stig Henrik Hoff while ”Harry Potter” star Rupert Grint revealed his feelings towards Norwegian girls.

Tonight was the pre-premiere for the film “Into the White” at Folketeatret in Oslo. The film premiere also marked the end of Filmfest Oslo which has taken place since Wednesday.

It is the Norwegian director Petter Næss who has made the film which is inspired by a true story; it takes place in the Norwegian mountains during the Second World War. April 27 1940, a British and a German plane shoot each other down. The three German and two British pilots who survive the crash landing have to work together to survive on the wintery mountain.

The five soldiers are played by “Harry Potter” star Rupert Grint (23), Florian Lukas (38), David Kross (21), Lachlan Nieboer (30) and Norwegian Stig Henrik Hoff (47). They were all gathered on the red carpet in front of Folketeatret Sunday night, together with director Petter Næss.

A lot of people had showed up especially to get a glimpse of the world famous “Harry Potter” star, and his arrival on the meter long carpet was revealed by enthusiastic screams from girls.

– Loves Norway
– I love Norway and it’s great to be back here, Grint says to Dagbladet.

The 23-year-old, who is single for the moment, smiles widely when he is asked what he thinks of Norwegian girls.

– Yes… they’re very cool, absolutely, he says while laughing.

– Fantastic to work with him
Stig Henrik Hoff arrived to the premiere with his wife Sølje Bergman (36). He reveals that he has become good friends with Grint during filming.

– It was fantastic to work with him. He’s an actor, and he’s bloody good and very experienced. He’s a very good man to work with. Of course we’ve become friends, we worked closely together for months. It’s incredibly cool that all the actors are here today, he says.

However, he did reveal that he wasn’t impressed with Grint’s skiing.

– He’s a miserable skier, but a bloody good actor and an amazing person. It’s a right pleasure to work with a world famous star.

Hoff was snogged by Hennie
Besides the five “Into the White” actors, several other known faces showed up on the red carpet. Among them were Nadya Hasnaoui, Kim Haugen, Kåre Conradi, Anette Hoff and Nils Ole Oftebro.

Also Tone Damli Aaberge and Aksel Hennie wanted to see the film. But the couple ran purposefully past the photographers and hurried inside the Folketeatret.

Almost, in any case.

Because Hennie quickly turned around in order to give Stig Henrik Hoff a real snog on the lips, before he again returned to his artist girlfriend.

Translated by Malene.

Original article found here: | March 4, 2012

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