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“I was told great things about Portugal, so I decided to visit the country. The weather is great”

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He’s only 18, but already known and admired in the entire world. Portugal is no exception, therefore many Harry Potter fans approached Rupert Grint in the Algarve streets. “Yes, it happens quite a lot and it’s been really good!”

Rupert had never been to Portugal, a very popular vacation destination for the British. It wasn’t very hard for the young man to hear about our country. “I was told 20great things about Portugal,so I decided to visit the country. I love the weather, it’s really good!”. When asked about famous portuguese people he knows about, he immediately mentions Cristiano Ronaldo “I know Ronaldo. You could see on the World Cup that he’s a brilliant player, really really good”. However, it doesn’t matter to Rupert if Cristiano Ronaldo stays in Manchester United or not. “I support Tottenham…”

Rupert Grint also used his stay to “play golf, a sport I’ve been playing since I was 15”. The George Benson concert was another of his leisure activities, which he watched to make his family company.
However, the vacations were short. A few days after speaking to Flash!, Rupert had to get back to work, more specifically to the shooting of “Harry Potter 5”. We’ll be waiting to watch him on the big screen.

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Translation by Joana

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