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– I’d be happy to come back if he invites me

Stig Henrik Hoff and the “Harry Potter” star Rupert Grint really hit it off.

– He’s an amazing guy! First of all, he’s a great actor, so bloody prepared. And he knows how to film. Moreover, he’s talented, funny and has a great energy. He was fucking great, just a pleasure to act opposite, Stig Henrik Hoff (47) says.

He is talking about British Rupert Grint (23), famous for the “Harry Potter” films, who he is working with in the Norwegian film “Into the White” which is ready to premiere.

Dagbladet met the two acting colleagues during the press conference in connection with “Into the White” yesterday.

– Stig is amazing

Hoff emphasizes that Grint was neither stuffy nor snobbish despite his status as a world famous star after having participated in all the “Harry Potter” films the last ten years as Potter’s best friend Ron Weasley.

– When the camera turned off, we sat together. It wasn’t as if he sat in a trailer on his own like a big film star. There was no difference between us, we ate the same food, Hoff laughs.

The constant stream of superlatives goes both ways: Grint says that he has made a new friend in Hoff.

– Stig is amazing and very fun to be around. Everybody hung out together outside of filming and we had a very good time together, Grint says to Dagbladet.

Several common interests

The plot of “Into the White” plays out in the Norwegian mountains. The date is April 27 1940 and it is inspired by a true story.

Two planes have shot each other down and the survivors accidentally end up in the same cabin. The three German soldiers feel compelled to live under the same roof as the Brits and have to prioritize the fight for survival instead of continuing the warfare.

While the blizzard rages outside, control techniques and psychological mind games are exercised indoors. But during their stay they find out that perhaps they are not so different after all.

And despite the age difference between Hoff and Grint, they discovered that they had several things in common than just their job.

– This is what’s so funny about this job. You know, he’s the same age as my oldest daughter. But when you work on a film the age difference disappears. And we both love cars. He has an interest in it and I have a couple of cars, so that was cool, Hoff says.

– Formed a strong bond

None of them are denying that they’ll meet again:

– I’d love to come back to visit if he invites me. And then I would really like to go skiing, Grint says.

– If our paths cross we have to meet, without a doubt. As soon as the possibility comes around. We have worked closely together for months and formed a strong bond. Not least, it was under extreme conditions, Hoff says.

Hoff thought it was lovely and liberating to work opposite someone who has spent almost half his life on a film set, but he admits that he was slightly influenced working with a world famous star.

– When we shot the film, there were around 300 fans that showed up every day in the hopes of getting an autograph. The same thing could be seen during the pre-premiere, all the adoring fans standing in line to meet him. It’s funny, but a little tiresome. I’m glad I don’t have to do it, Hoff laughs.

– Become fond of each other

Lachlan Nieboer (30), Florian Lukas (38) and David Kross (21) are also on the “Into the White” cast list.

Hoff explains that they became a good group during the filming period.

– We’ve become very fond of each other, all of us. Everybody took care of each other and we’ve become good friends. I think those seeing the film will notice that.

Prioritizes family

Hoff recently took part in the Hollywood film “The Thing” and thought it was fun to be recognized for it by two Brits during the pre-premiere of “Into the White” on Sunday.

And even though he has several foreign film projects coming up in the future, including the German film “Gnade”, an international career does not hold first priority for him.

– I’m a family man and the most important thing is keeping it going at home. But I do notice that now that the language barrier is smaller and the confidence bigger, it’s fun to be on my way into the world.

Translation by Malene.

Original article found here: | March 6, 2012

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