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Interview with Jessie Cave

SnitchSeeker: Is this your first time here, in the Wizarding World?
Jessie Cave: Yeah. I’m definitely coming back.

SnitchSeeker: What was your first impression walking into the park?
Jessie: Well, it’s so lovely because everyone’s in such a good mood, because they’re here on holiday and here to see people they like, like cartoons. So it transports you to being a child. It’s lovely. Even for adults, it’s a really great place. And I’ve never been to Disney World or anything like that, ever, so it’s brilliant for me to live that out – and I’ve bought so much ridiculous stuff.

SnitchSeeker: How does the park compare to working at Leavesden, as they have similar sets?
Jessie: Well, it’s really nice to have something you can actually touch, be a part of and see that it’s real, and it’s got four walls and a ceiling. And that was never going to be in the place when you were filming. It’s kind of made things more 3D for me.

SnitchSeeker: What was the first thing you thought when you saw Hogwarts and everything there?
Jessie: It was just so natural, it felt like I was walking into Hogwarts. It was really lovely. It was really good for me to just think that I could bring my kids here. It’s a journey of my whole Harry Potter life, coming to such a nice conclusion here. And a new beginning as well, because it’s got a life of its own.

SnitchSeeker: What was your favourite part of the park?
Jessie: I think the Harry Potter shop because you can buy something and it’s theirs, and it’s so important to me to have something to take away. And I think, just as a Harry Potter book, it’s associated with the memory of being here, and that day.

SnitchSeeker: OK, let me go back to Lavender. There was an open casting, with thousands of girls [for Lavender Brown in Half-Blood Prince]. Did you participate in that?
Jessie: No, no, I didn’t. I had the week before – because I was at art school, I do art, Pindippy stuff – an audition for something like shaving cream. And the week after, I had this call from my agent, you want to audition for Harry Potter. Five months later, I had a screen test – but in the midst of that, they announced they were doing open calls. And at that point I thought, ‘No chance.’

SnitchSeeker: So you were actually called in before the open casting?
Jessie: Yeah, yeah. Way before, and then I thought, my chance is over, but apparently, what I’d been told, there were a couple [of girls] that they liked from auditions, that they liked from the opens, and they made it fair for everybody.

SnitchSeeker: I have to say, Rupert [Grint] usually steals the show, but you actually took it from him in Half-Blood Prince. What was it like working with him in the sixth movie?
Jessie: He’s such a lovely guy, he’s so normal and grounded, and is just going to work forever as an actor, and I think that’s really admirable, because in a world where he’s so different, he’s his true self. He’s funny, and really lovely, and genuinely down-to-earth.

SnitchSeeker: What are your best memories of filming Half-Blood Prince?
Jessie: When me and Rupert were going into this room, when Hermione was upset and crying and Harry’s consoling her, before we run off, it was hilarious. There were like these steps, and I was trying to make Rupert laugh – I remember that moment so clearly, it was lovely.

SnitchSeeker: Let’s talk about Deathly Hallows. In the book, it’s sort of ambiguous what happens to Lavender. So what did you expect when you read the book? Did you think she’d died?
Jessie: I didn’t think she had died, but I was glad when I read the script because it’s nice to have answers, and see something that had an impact. I was glad when we came to film it because it was fun to have blood. We don’t know if she’s dead or not; J.K. wasn’t explicit.

SnitchSeeker: What were your best memories of that final battle?
Jessie: The atmosphere when everyone was filming because it was so different from any other experience on any other day. And I really took note of how everyone’s was preparing, like David [Yates], Emma and Rupert, they had a different feel. It was really good, they treated it like it was a big deal.

SnitchSeeker: What was it like watching Ralph Fiennes?
Jessie: I always just missed him on set, but I’m working with Ralph now on Great Expectations. I’m really excited because I don’t have any scenes with him, I’m in a different part of the story, but at the read-through for Great Expectations, he was so amazing to watch. He’s got this huge beard because he’s in The Tempest at the moment, but it’s staggering, he was magnetic to watch. And Helena [Bonham Carter], as well… basically everyone from Harry Potter is in this, which is brilliant. Helena is just fantastic, and I’m thrilled – she’s just my idol.

SnitchSeeker: When do you start that, actually?
Jessie: I’ve done half my stuff, and then I do the rest in December. But, what I’m doing at the moment is setting up my Pindippy shop, which is opening on Monday!

SnitchSeeker: So, Pindippy – break it down for people who won’t understand, as there’s a lot going on the site.
Jessie: Basically, I’m a comedy writer, and it’s basically like a female prepubescent Funny or Die. But is also for my illustrations. Now it’s for my designs, and I’ve got a couple to show you. But yeah, it’s a creative site, and it’s colourful and fun, and it’s hopefully going to be picked up for a TV series – which is wicked – aimed at young audiences, because I think it’s inclusive of that young. And the Harry Potter thing’s been brilliant because it has a great number of people going on it. It’s nice that they can see Lavender making fun of Lavender, so there are a couple of sketches written like that.

It’s so great to include everybody. I can tell you that Katie Leung, and Alfie Enoch are being in it, and Rupert! They’re going to be cousins – Katie’s going to be Cousin Penelope; Alfie’s going to be Cousin Pygmalion; and Rupert’s going to be distant Cousin Gwyllem. And I’m just so excited – and Matt [Lewis] as well wants to do it – so I’m just thrilled.

SnitchSeeker: You’re just getting everybody now!
Jessie: I know, because it’s so fun and different. The main series I do is the Flat White series, which is a series about Tasmanian cousins, and it’s just great for us to do an accent. Katie’s character is just wicked, the total opposite of what people would think. And Rupert, as well, is so keen to do it, and it’s just the opposite of what people would think. And it’s fun, it’s short, it’s quick and easy. And it’s so nice because people feel like they can relate to it in a funny way, and I’m just lucky to be able to do it.

SnitchSeeker: So when are Rupert, Katie, and Alfie going to start filming?
Jessie: I would like to film them as soon as possible and to grab people when we can and when they are in London, but by the new year. Katie and I are already working it out, and Rupert is whenever we can get him, really. So I’m going to speak to him more about it. What’s so nice is that he wants to do it, I’m actually really touched. It’s fun, it’s really easy for them to do. Like I’m not going to make them anything they don’t want to do. I’m going to put them in very, very funny costumes. I think it’s really nice that they’re really keen – and Evanna, as well – it’s so nice, and she’s so good. I think she’s shown that she’s got lots of talent now, comedically, and it’s really lovely of her to do it.

SnitchSeeker: I’m looking forward to it!
Jessie: Yeah, I’m really excited about it! That’ll be in the new year, after Christmas. But there’s loads more coming up at the moment, it’s hopefully going to be geared towards a younger audience.

SnitchSeeker: There’s a bit of swearing, though…
Jessie: No no no, there’s not going to be any of that, yeah. It’s got the colour and stuff, and is dreamlike, not real.

SnitchSeeker: So, after Great Expectations, do you have any other projects lined up?
Jessie: I’m going to Edinburgh next year, I’m starting to do some live comedy. So I’m going to start being myself on stage. Which is actually really scary, actually thinking about it makes me kind of sick. I’m looking really forward to doing it. I’m taking me and my sister Bebe, who’s also in Great Expectations, We’re taking my show up to the Edinburgh Fringe festival, and we’re already starting to think about that and getting a venue. Lots!

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