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Into the White is ready to premiere

Meet Rupert Grint and the other actors!

The war drama “Into the White” will open in theatres all over the country this weekend. Director Petter Næss has gathered an international dream team, and we’ve met them in Oslo.

In the film we meet two British and three German pilots who have crash landed in Norway as well as members of a Norwegian ski patrol. The film is based on a true story.

Rupert Grint is a familiar face to all Harry Potter fans. He thinks the role as soldier Robert Smith was challenging, exciting and fun. – But it was difficult to learn the Liverpool accent! Rupert laughs, who is born in Hertfordshire.

Those who have seen season 2 of Downtown Abbey might recognize Lachlan Nieboer who played an injured Lieutenant in episode 2. In “Into the White” he plays a military man once again, this time Captain Charles P. Davenport who considers himself superior to the other guys that shares his fate.

– I actually copied a teacher from university when I was playing the role, but I’m afraid to mention his name!

German Florian Lukas play Lieutenant Horst Schopis and actually had the pleasure of eating dinner with the veteran he portrays. Schopis was meant to be a part of the promotion of the film, but he passed away in the fall, 100 years old. – He was an old-fashioned, but nice officer.


The actors agree that it was the exotic Norwegian mountains and the exciting story that attracted them to the project. The young talent David Kross had seen Petter Næss’ adaptation of “Elling” (2000) and felt sure of the director. – Besides, it was interesting to get my arm chopped off!, he laughs.

Petter Næss is very glad to finally release the film. – It’s a different war film with a lot of humor and absurdities.

The Danish producer Peter Aalbæk Jensen adds: – There are no heroes in this film, but no bad guys either. War is absurd. This is an anti-war film.

Translation by Malene.

Original article found here: | March 6, 2012

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