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Colors carry subtle meaning, according to the Taoists. “Meaning surpassing that which man can describe.” So the magicians of the Magic Academy, Perly, most particularly (always the most skilled), investigate the colors of Mr. Rupert Grint for further information.
Description of the Individual:
Green eyes, orange hair.
Optimistic, always laughing, what hides behind Rupert s smile (of course, I call him by his first name), the ideal friend or a proud monster? Through the colors of his soul, we’ll penetrate the secrets of this=2 0young man.
Hair = seat of personality = orange.
“I’m still called ginger, but I don’t mind, and I’m not alone. Look at Nicole Kidman!”
It’s one of the colors that has the most physiological impact. Orange arouses the senses, especially the appetite and the emotions. Physiologically, it encourages the sensation of well-being and stimulates creativity and joy.
Appetite and creativity: Seventeen years (chiefly, he’ll celebrate this in a few weeks, the 24th of August). Five-point-five films (4 for Harry Potters already filmed, .05 for the one currently filming, 1 for Driving Lessons), we can begin to speak of appetite. As for creativity, everything is okay, he’s really got nothing to prove after he added Ben to his repertoire, the timid, quiet and slightly complicated boy in Driving Lessons.
Joy and emotions: Chris Columbus, the director of the first two HP films, spoke of “Rupertland=E 2 to indicate a world of jokes. Rupert is always able to see the lighter side of things. As others complain about the difficulty of filming, he holds it together, saying, “It could be worse,” with a big smile. As for emotions? “What I have in common with Ron and Ben is timidity, embarrassment.”
Orange is the color of epicureans and Rupert is effectively one of those who transcends reality to make it resemble his dreams. He didn’t always want to be an actor. “When I was younger, I wanted to be an ice cream man. But I had to acknowledge that trade didn’t have great prospects.” However, today he says readily, “What do I want to do? What I’m doing, be an actor.”
Up to now, the news we have about him is endearing, but be advised, everything has it’s opposite. Orange is also an emblem of deceit, and worse, hypocrisy, and when the need for pleasure becomes too uncontrolled, a fall into lust! And impulsive he is, he’s the only one of the trio to drop out of school. Individuality and pride are the defects to watch out for in our hero. “I’m not really a studious person, ” says Rupert. That he’s aware of his extravagances is important because it cou ld help him beware of sinking into intemperance and the violence which attracts him: “Generally, in the cinema, I like the bad guys, and I would really like to play Malfoy! It would be great to have millions of viewers hate you!”
Eyes = organ of intellectual perception = green
They moderate the excess of his fiery hair. Happily, his eye is “good.” In fact, green even physiologically lowers our blood pressure and psychologically calms us and helps us be patient. Rupert thus escapes excess and brusqueness. Green is also regeneration, charity, and thanks to that moral compass, he has moved away from the selfishness that his temperament threatened. The colors of his spirit are tinted with understanding and tolerance. That said, advises Perly, don’t betray Rupert Grint, because he has a vengeful spirit. Added to his cheerful character (orange), his ability to accept risk (green) and as a result you have a man endowed with happiness. All the better, because with the duality of his green eyes, he might have been afflicted with madness and despair.
In all his colors, we find a need20to blossom and a need for esteem. We can be reassured that20if he wasn’t an actor, we’d know him as a musician (or an ice cream man!). Rupert is of that character that needs to occupy the front of the (scene?).

The actor of Ron spoke of filming The Order of the Phoenix:

“Working on the film keeps me busy every day, five days a week. I used to take classes before, but I’ve quit school recently. It became really difficult to juggle (school) with filming. I prefer to concentrate on being an actor.”

For Rupert, playing in Driving Lessons and in Harry Potter were two very different ways of working. “In all the Harry Potter films, we have to do a lot of acting in front of blue screens. In Driving Lessons, there aren’t any special effects. It’s mu ch easier not having to imagine the set. It’s simpler and more attractive.”

Rupert feels more like Ron than Ben, who is, according to him, “timid, very calm, and complicated. I think he’s more withdrawn, but I dance just as badly as he does!” he added.

About his first onscreen kiss in Driving Lessons, he responds frankly as is his custom:

“It wasn’t as terrible as I thought it would be, but it was still hard because everyone was watching us. We did five takes but my partner was really helpful.” To respond to a question we posed, Rupert specified that he would date a fan as long as she was “very nice.”

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Translation by Sophia

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