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Jo Whiley Show Interview

Jo Whiley BBC Radio One Interview

Rupert Grint interviewed along with the Phelps Twins April of 2006.


Jo Whiley: We’ve dragged you away from filming. I know Rupert, you were filming today weren’t you?

Rupert Grint: Yeah, I’ve just got back, yeah.

Jo: Ok, so it’s the fifth installment of Harry Potter which is Order of the Phoenix.

Rupert: Yup that’s the one.

Jo: It’s so confusing, isn’t it? I mean it is for me and I’m sure for people listening, do you get confused yourselves?

Rupert: I do get them mixed up a little bit. ‘Cause they take ages to make as well, they’re like a year each. They sort of blend together.

Jo: Can I just ask what you were filming today? Briefly, what scenes you were doing…

Rupert: We were doing one of the final scenes, in Umbridge’s Office, and it was really cool.

Jo: What did you have to do?

Rupert: I’m getting restrained by one of Malfoy’s henchmen and Dan gets slapped in it.

Jo: Many times? Were there many re-takes?

Rupert: Yeah, there were a lot of takes.

Jo: None of them necessary.


Jo: Goblet of Fire really kind of raised the stakes, didn’t it? It was properly scary, I know I wouldn’t take my kids to see it. Madonna was talking about Lola, she had to cover Lola’s eyes at one point cause it was particularly scary.

James Phelps: It was such a great time and we had such a great experience filming it that you forget parts you’ve filmed and when they’re suddenly up on the screen then they are a bit scarier, I suppose. It’s strange. When we were filming the campsite scene and there were all explosions going on and everything.

Jo: Remind us what this is.

James: At the world cup. When they’re in the campsite for the world cup and that took about 3 weeks to shoot all together. Night shoots and everything. And all the explosions that were going on.

Oliver Phelps: But also the campsite was based on Glastonbury.

Jo: Was it?

Rupert: Thousands of tents.

James: Being torched to pieces.

Rupert: With a bit more dwarves and llamas.

Jo: So was that 1 take or did you have to do loads of takes or was it all kind of set up for one massive scene?

James: It was over the series of a week, I suppose.

Rupert: Well some of the sequences we were doing could only be done once because of the huge explosions, with all sorts of complicated pyro work.

Jo: Pyro technics.

Rupert: Yeah so some of them were just one take and so we just had to get it right the first time.

Jo: A lot of pressure on you!

Rupert: A lot of us fell over a lot of times.

Oliver: One time it started to rain when we were doing it and our shoes aren’t very well made for running in slippery surfaces. And there were quite a few takes where we ended up on our backs, slipping over all the time.

Jo: What a nightmare!

Oliver: But luckily we were out of shot by that point.

Jo: So of all the films you’ve done so far, which is your favourite? It is possible to say?

Rupert: The first one was good fun because it was all new. I’d never done anything like it before.

Jo: And what age were you, Rupert, at that point?

Rupert: I was 11 when I first started. So that was a long time ago.

Jo: And working with big name actors, that must have been…

Rupert: Scary? Yeah. You know, like Alan Rickman, he’s quite scary.

Jo: Oh no, come on, do tell. I love Alan Rickman. What’s he really like?

Rupert: He’s wicked, he is. Really nice guy. Just his voice and he’s like huge. He was a bit scary at first but he’s a really nice guy.

Jo: I mean, I guess there are moments where it’s really boring there on set and there’s just nothing going on and you’re not called to do anything. So how’d you keep yourselves amused? Come on, Rupert! Tell us about your trailer or your room or whatever.

Rupert: I’ve actually got a wicked dressing room.

Jo: What’s in there?

Rupert: I used to do school in there too. We’ve got a massive school room too. But now I’ve turned it into a snooker room.

Jo: So it’s some kind of pad?

Rupert: I’ve got table-tennis, dart board, massive plasma screen, playstation…

Jo: And do you let your twin brothers in there at all?

Rupert: I let them come in ocassionally.

Jo: It’s family! Come on! They’re the Weasleys! You’ve got to let them in! I wanna talk to you about music as well because I know you’re music fans


Jo: Met you at the NME awards, when you were obviously out enjoying yourselves. We’ll talk about that in just a little while. First of all, James & Oliver, you play the Weasley twins, Fred and George. When you went for your auditions, were there a lot of people there? ‘Cause, I mean, it’s quite a specialist role in a way.

James: Well, we went for an open audition in Leeds and there was a few sets of twins there. If you can imagine, there’s a hotel and a massive two floors of the hotel and there’s thousands of kids going through all parts. Oliver and myself had never done anything like but we went because a] it’d be a day off school and we got nothing else to lose so why not? So we…

Jo: So you didn’t go to acting school?

James: No.

Jo: No drama classes?

James: No. Normal school.

Jo: So how did you know you could act?


James: So we went to this audition and we waited for about 2 hours to go into the room for 5 minutes.

Jo: What did you do to win them over? How did you impress them?

James: I don’t know really.

Jo: You just arrived?

Oliver: We didn’t have ginger hair…and we saw twins there with ginger hair and we were thinking….uhhh we’ve got brown hair.


Jo: And Rupert, how did you get your role? You did a rap, is that right?

Rupert: I was at school doing plays and that and I always enjoyed acting. And I saw it on Newsround and they were telling you how to audition and they said you had to send in this form. I waited for a reply for months and months and nothing happened. My mum filmed me doing a video tape thing…

Jo: That must’ve been embarassing!

Rupert: I had to write a rap about how much I wanted to be in the film. And I sent it off and it just went from there really. Got a couple of auditions and that was it.

Oliver: Can you remember it?

Jo: Go on, do it for us now! Go on, we all want you too!

Rupert: No. I wouldn’t do it anyway, even if I knew it.

Jo: We’ll let you off. So you’re all into rock music isn’t it, yeah? Rupert, tell me who your favourite bands are.

Rupert: We saw the Foo Fighters recently, that was really cool. I like them.

Jo: Okay, and Oliver?

Oliver: I don’t really have a set band. I like Bon Jovi, we went to see Weezer, back in the summer. They were really good live. Foo Fighters, as Rupert said. Green Day. So many.

Jo: James?

James: I’m gunna echo both those guys but I also like hard stuff like Metallica.

Jo: So if you can pick a band, any band in the world, and I’ll play a track by them…

James: Foo Fighters.

Jo: It’ll be a pleasure.


Jo: Have you all read Half-Blood Prince yet? I’m looking at these vacant stares. You haven’t, have you?

James: We’ve read bits of it, yeah. I’m half-way through it.

Jo: Surely you want to read it!

James: But I think the main thing is trying to keep up with the film we’re doing. It helps to read that one.

Jo: That’s what I’m wondering. ‘Cause if you’re promoting the fourth one and filming the fifth one and then there’s the sixth one to read…

James: It can get a bit confusing, yeah.

Rupert: When you’re reading them, you imagine all the characters speaking…like I imagine Harry as Dan and it’s really cause you lose like the…when I first read the book…

Jo: And they were fictional characters?

Rupert: Yeah. You get what you imagine.

Jo: And now it’s your mates!

Rupert: Yeah, exactly! It’s weird.

Jo: Do you ever have issues or are you really pleased with what she makes you do?

Oliver: I think just please really.

Jo: I mean, the way the Weasley twins have turned out…

Oliver: Yeah, I don’t think you could imagine it going any better or more diverse than the stories are going. Really pleased with how they’re going and hopefully we’ll get to act it one day.

Jo: And if I can just throw a load of names at you and you give me a word each, to describe various characters that you work with. So first of all, we’ll start with Daniel. Harry Potter. James, one word…

James: How about two words? Music lover.

Jo: Okay, Rupert? You don’t have to be so nice.

Rupert: Hyperactive.

Jo: Yeah okay that figures, having met him.

Rupert: He’s really funny actually.

Jo: Okay, Gary Oldman, who plays Sirius…Rupert?

Rupert: One word…cool.

Jo: Okay, Robbie Coltrane…

James: Sound.

Rupert: Robbie, he’s hilarious, he’s really funny

Oliver: I’ll have to say tall then, change it a bit.

Jo: Okay, Hermione…Emma Watson…

Oliver: Different, in a sense. Different to her character, totally.

Jo: That’s 11 words! If I’d have known this was gunna be so difficult…Right so Harry Potter 4, Goblet of Fire is out now on DVD. When can we expect to see you all on the big screen again for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, do you know when it’s coming out?

Oliver: Summer/Spring 2007. Something like that.

Jo: So until that point, it’s all hard work for you?

James: Yeah, it’s good hard work though.

Rupert: Could be worse.

Jo: Thank you very much for coming in today. Take care.

Original article from Snitchseeker.comI April 16th, 2006

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