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Let’s Go


translated by Silvia

Do you remember Ron Weasley? Harry Potter’s best friend? And Hermione? Well, if Harry – Daniel is working in a theatre, what are the other two actors doing?

Rupert Grint – Ron didn’t want to stay away from a movie set for long, so he filmed another movie, very different from Harry Potter… And while going around and promoting it, he realised he really had a place in his fans’ hearts: he had to sign a lot of autographs!

Emma Watson one the other hand, while still thinking about her future at the university, did a lot of shopping – nothing better to cheer yourself up! She also discovered her passion for football (soccer), and so she went to see a few matches with a friend.

In the mean time the Harry Potter’s producers are already working on the last movie. Rupert said he’s pretty nervous…sooner or later he’ll have to kiss Hermione.

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