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– Like being on the moon

– The filming of ”Into the White” was like being on the moon. The Harry Potter star Rupert Grint is glad he took the challenge.

Petter Næss is the director behind the war film “Into the White” which opens in theatres in a few days. It is based on a true story about two planes who end up in violent air battles in April 1940.

The crew on a German and a British plane has to seek shelter in the same cabin on the Mountain on Grotli. The drama plays out in cold surroundings, in more ways than one.

Director Petter Næss was fascinated by the story and picked out a team of stars, according to himself.

– But I was looking for a British soldier with a “fiery” temper, Næss smiles, who has a ginger daughter himself.

– Without a safety net
– Working on the Harry Potter films was like being inside a comfortable bubble. It was just around the corner. There was always a new school year at “Hogwarts”, Harry Potter’s magical school, and a new film, Rupert Grint says.

The story behind “Into the White” and the character that he plays are what tempted Rupert Grint. He took the part without hesitation.

“It felt a bit like jumping without a safety net. Making a film in another country than my own was tempting. It was a way of testing myself. The mountain was extreme and cold, but we had a lot of fun.

Likes small film sets
On the Harry Potter films there could be several thousand on the film set. Rupert Grint likes the small set-up. He has also been a part of a few low-budget films in Britain in between filming of Harry Potter.

– I guess I have to live with the fact that many connect me to the role of “Ron Weasley”. But there’s not much I can do but accept other roles and do my best, Grint says.

Translation by Malene.

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